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Surprising Medicine, Amazing Grace

Series: Sermons

Sarah Stewart
January 30, 2022

Jesus is the skilled physician of our souls, showing the mysterious power that works on us through stories. As the poet reminds us, “we are meaning-making, story-seeking people.” And these stories Jesus summons from the Hebrew Scriptures—the one about Elijah and the widow of Zarephath and the other, about Elisha and Naaman the Syrian—lift up truth neither the crowd, nor we, see in our human blindness.

Psychologist Peter Levine points to the problem: “Disconnection from our felt sense of belonging…leaves our rational minds to create fantasies based on disconnection rather than connection.” And what is sacred story if not God’s gracious medicine, healing our vision so that we can perceive love exhausting itself to redeem the human family? Providing for the vulnerable and impoverished in order to demonstrate how wholly interconnected and interdependent we are.

Like the hometown crowd in Nazareth, we often worry God’s grace will pass us by.

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