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Jeopardy, Possibility, Hope: Being In the City, For the City

Series: Sermons

Sarah Stewart
March 12, 2022

"Come, Holy One, overshadow our unwillingness. Redeem us by your love. Amen.

My waking hours—as all of ours—lately have been awash with harrowing images of cities under siege. Families, fleeing war zones, seeking refuge in neighboring nations. A hospital for children and mothers, mercilessly bombed. Citizens captivated by a terrorizing tyrant, bent on domination at any price. Jesus’ anguish gives voice to the agony of all who suffer because of human resistance to love’s demands. God knows our sinful condition and weeps for the pain of our world. Jesus’ lament makes us uncomfortable, if we’re honest. Because Jerusalem involves us all. With Herod and the forces of empire that stand behind him, with Pharisees and perplexed disciples, we, too, find ourselves revealed in the shadow of this moment, resistant to God’s reconciling love."

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