Lake Tanganyika

Theological College

Lake Tanganyika

Theological College

Lake Tanganyika Theological College is a seminary in the Anglican Diocese of Western Tanganyika, Tanzania. All Saints’ has supported the diocese and the seminary in a variety of ways over the years, including offering guidance and financial support to advance women’s education and HIV/AIDS care.

The Reverend Emmanuel Bwatta, Dean of Lake Tanganyika Theological College, was a part-time member of the clergy at All Saints’ while he studied at Columbia Theological Seminary. Our parish currently supports Lake Tanganyika in three key areas:

The Cow Project

All Saints’ supports a project to purchase cows and dairy equipment for the college, an investment that will create opportunities to supplement the diet of college faculty and students and help them build up a herd for sale.

Theological Education for Women

We sponsor three female students for the next three years of their theological studies. St. Helena’s Chapter also sponsors an additional female student. This financial support goes directly to the college and covers the cost of tuition, plus additional associated costs such as accommodation, food, books, and travel.

Women’s Dormitory

Housing for female seminarians has been a long-term challenge for Lake Tanganyika. The college has recently finished a dormitory for women that can house up to 44 students, which will make it easier for women to study there. Part of our support of the college this year included buying 10 bunk beds and 20 mattresses for the new dormitory


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If you want to get involved with Lake Tanganyika or Global Missions work more broadly, please contact Simon.


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