The Parish Search Committee
Clay Jackson, Chair
Doug Brooks Tori Cole Katie Connell
Winifred Davis Lillian Giornelli Michael Gragnani
Russ Hardin Ann Stuart Pearce Elizabeth Robertson
Arjun Srinivasan Leighton Stradtman Debbie Wilson
Frances Zook

What’s Happened

During January and February, the Search Committee listened to sermons submitted by the candidates and skype interviews with each candidate were scheduled. The committee completed 14 interviews, and narrowed the field to five strong candidates.

What’s Happening Now

Teams from the committee will visit with each of the five remaining candidates before Easter. During the visits, we will interview each candidate and have dinner with them. We will attend several services as well to see them preach and celebrate.

What’s Happening Next

The search is very much on schedule. We will have formal meetings of the entire committee to review each team’s visit. We are getting close!

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