Note Writers

March 23, 2022

Note Writers lift up and support parishioners who are experiencing a significant life event through the writing of personal notes delivered through postal mail.

This ministry sends personal handwritten notes to parishioners who are experiencing illness, grief, joy, and other life events. Recipients are identified from E-Care messages or by the clergy or parishioners. Note Writers receive a weekly list and can choose to write as many or as few notes as they desire at any given time.

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Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Liz Bagley, and I started volunteering for the Note Writers group after receiving a very touching note myself from another volunteer, when my father was ill. We’ve all gotten so used to email or texting that receiving a handwritten note in the mail stands out as a meaningful form of communication, something tangible that you might pick up months later and still take comfort from. Having lost my mother and my late husband, I find it rewarding to offer a ray of light to Saints who have experienced those types of losses. I also was blessed with two grandmothers who lived to almost 100, so it’s fun to celebrate our members who are close to that age. 

And not to slight the important and talented parishioners who read the lessons during services, but I've found writing a note is a LOT less stressful than reading the Old Testament aloud in front of an Easter Sunday crowd!  I hope you’ll consider signing up to send an occasional note to our parish members who are ill, who are marking a big birthday, who are having surgery, or who have lost someone special. It’s a lovely way to spread joy!

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