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Arjun Srinivasan

Senior Warden

All Saints’ member since 2010

Recent parish activities include:

My wife Paige and I attend Jesus on the Front Page. We have learned so much from other parishioners – those who teach and those who attend the class. It is a great forum to witness the diversity and depth, the expertise and experience of the All Saints’ community. I have ushered for the past few years, and I have learned you are a rookie usher until you have at least 10 years of service! I participated in the All Saints’ talent roundtable and have helped with the Annual Canvass. I also served under Clay Jackson’s leadership on the rector search committee that brought us Simon. That was an amazing and humbling experience. I learned so much about our church and parishioners and saw firsthand how well we can work together as a parish toward a common goal. I am currently serving on the associate rector search committee.

Strengths and skills I can offer the vestry:
I appreciate being part of a strong parish in a growing part of the city under Simon’s dynamic and innovative leadership. The years ahead are exciting ones for us and the vestry can help ensure we are positioned to lead. To do that, we need to listen and execute. I am good at soliciting and listening to diverse opinions in part because I recognize that answers and solutions from a smart group are inherently better than ones that come from an individual. I am not a fan of endless debate. There comes a time when you need to stop talking, roll up your sleeves and get to work. I am definitely action oriented and ready to pitch in when things need to get done.

Arjun would also like you to know:
I am best known at All Saints’ as Paige’s husband, and there is no role I’d rather play. We have two sons, Jack and Joe. Both have gotten to experience the amazing Karol Kimmell in choir, and their time under her direction has helped us realize what a treasure she is. We value family time and recognize how precious that is in these busy times. The boys are still willing to hang out with us, and we will take that as long as we can get it. We love to travel and experience new people and places together. We strive to have dinner together every night and are pretty successful with that. I work at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on efforts to make healthcare safer, primarily by preventing infections and improving antibiotic use. My job requires extensive work with a variety of partners with many diverse perspectives and, often, strong opinions. I hope that that experience will serve me well on the vestry! I love what I do and am happy to bore anyone with more details anytime.

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