Please Beware of E-mail Phishing Scams

by Andi Dixon on November 22, 2023

With some frequency, members of our community receive messages from fake e-mail accounts that impersonate clergy, staff or vestry members.

In these e-mail messages, the scammers typically ask for you to contact them quickly about something urgent / important. If you respond, the scammers will then ask you to purchase gifts cards or send money for someone in need. 


If you receive an e-mail like one of these, please do NOT respond.

If the e-mail comes from a fake Gmail account (like the example above), you can report it to Google and then delete it from your inbox. Google will disable the e-mail account, which can help prevent others from becoming victims. Click here to report it to Google >>

Please remember that ALL e-mail communications from our clergy and staff come from our official All Saints' e-mail accounts, which end in , and we will never ask you for money outside of a pledge campaign.

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