Friday E-News | October 8, 2021

by Simon Mainwaring on October 08, 2021

Dear saints,

What do you take pride in? This weekend, had we not been still living in the midst of a pandemic Atlanta’s streets would have been festooned in rainbow colors with the annual Pride Parade making its way down Peachtree. A lot has changed in America since Brenda Howard first used the word ‘Pride’ in the late sixties in relation to LGBTQ communities and individuals. There has been a great deal of progress since then and yet the yearning for a society that mirrors the unconditional inclusion of the kingdom of God remains. All Saints’ has also changed over those years and yet we know that there are still people in this city whose sexual orientation and identity is not celebrated and so we need to remain a steadfast beacon of hope, welcoming and committed to all. I take pride in the fact that this parish is still asking the right questions about our own desires to see a fully inclusive Atlanta and a fully inclusive church. Pray with me for that hope as we seek to be the change we wish to see.



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