Friday E-News | October 14, 2022

by Simon Mainwaring on October 14, 2022

Dear saints,

This weekend we will welcome Bishop Wright to All Saints' for his annual Episcopal Visitation. A bishop's visitation helps us to remember that we belong to a larger community of faith and that we are all part of a bigger story. On Sunday, a good number of youth and adults will make their public affirmation that they wish to be incorporated into that bigger story through the particular life and ministries of this church. As they do, it's worth noting how out of the ordinary that kind of thing is nowadays. Rites of belonging and incorporation are beautifully old fashioned, one of the embodied traditions the church offers to the world as a sign of God's grace and presence in all people's lives. They are also rites that gift us the opportunity to say we belong to one another, and as such I invite you to join us in person and online as we support these persons in their growing life of faith in this place.


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