Friday E-News | November 19, 2021

by Simon Mainwaring on November 19, 2021

Dear saints,

One of my favorite stories of the late theologian Marcus Borg comes from an 'Intro to Christianity' class he was teaching for college freshmen. As he was laying out what to expect in the class, a voice cried out from the back of the lecture hall, "I don’t believe in God." Perhaps the young man who’d made the statement thought it might derail things for a while. Instead, Marcus took it as an invitation to lean in, and replied, "Tell me about the God you don’t believe in."

I love that story because it reminds me that to follow Jesus is to lean in, trusting that there is so much more we have to receive from others' lives than we could ever give. It’s why we have the church. It’s also the central hope of the new 'Peoplestown Partnership’ that we will be launching this weekend. Through it, All Saints’ is being invited to lean in and grow in closer relationship with the community of Peoplestown through ministries our diocesan partner, Emmaus House, offers there.

Perhaps you come to this church because you feel a need in your heart to be invited into experiences and commitments that will stretch you and help you grow. I hope so. It was what our founder intended in leaving us as God’s legacy project as the Body of Christ. Join me, if you would, this Sunday in Ellis Hall following the 9:00 a.m. service so that I can share with you the vision we have to be God’s people for this city.



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