Friday E-News | November 18, 2022

by Simon Mainwaring on November 18, 2022

Dear saints,

Well, here we are again, imagining ourselves soon sitting around the Thanksgiving Dinner table with people we are expected to get along with - for at least a few hours. I am sure you will all be adequately well-behaved. As you tuck into your turkey and stuffing, please pray that the Mainwaring family's Thanksgiving feast this year doesn't spark an international incident. Round the table that day, fans of England, USA, Mexico, and Holland will all be vying for bragging rights in Qatar's Soccer World Cup, which starts next week. Although they didn't make it, Italy, China, and Lithuania will also have places at the table among the 30 or so folks with whom we gather for Thanksgiving each year in LA. It's an odd thing to cheer on your team in the World Cup in November, but then again it is odd that a summer tournament was awarded to a country with 110 degree temperatures. Sometimes the world is a bit strange, but then again so are we - which is why I love Thanksgiving round that great big Los Angeles multi-national table. Better to laugh and cry at the world together than apart. So thanks be to God for all sorts of saints. We need you all.


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