Friday E-News | May 6, 2022

by Simon Mainwaring on May 06, 2022

Dear saints,

A few years ago I asked my mother what the hardest thing was about raising three children by herself. Without missing a beat, she answered, 'the three-way arguments'. I suspect that for each of us that cognitive conditioning did us well for the years of adult life that followed, and I remain thankful to my mother for the gift of a free-exchange household I enjoyed as a child. This Sunday we will all have the opportunity to give thanks for the many gifts of mothers and for the lives they have nurtured all the way to senior year in high school as we listen to the preaching of four high school seniors of All Saints' this Senior Sunday. What a gift it would be for the seniors in this community to see you and your supportive presence at All Saints' this weekend. If you haven't been to the block for a while, this Mother's Day is a great day to make that comeback, and if you are out of town, please do pray for all those who are mothers to others and for those they raise and nurture within the love of God.



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