Friday E-News | March 26, 2021

by Simon Mainwaring on March 26, 2021

Dear saints,

What a delight it is to be able to welcome you all to worship once more on the block, starting this Palm Sunday. You’ll see details below of a full slate of Holy Week services in-person and online. I think our most recent count among the clergy is 20 services from this weekend to next, and each of us is just thrilled to be back in-person with you again. At the beginning of Holy Week we will have our speaker series, which this year features three parishioners, each of whom will speak about the work of organizations that seek to lift up the lives of others from right here in Atlanta to across the world. Please do join us online starting Monday at noon, and consider making an Easter gift to one of the organizations we are highlighting. We are blessed with so much, and I feel particularly blessed this week to be able to see the saints on the block once again.



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