Friday E-News | June 18, 2021

by Simon Mainwaring on June 18, 2021

Dear saints,

One of the great gifts in worship that we have been sustained by through the course of this pandemic is music. For a ministry that is so thoroughly about being in person, it was hard to see how we might continue to thrive musically when all of this began fifteen months ago. Well, the reality has been that you just can’t stop great musicians from making music! Kirk Rich and Karol Kimmell have done truly extraordinary work. Virtual choir rehearsals and recordings, the hymn project, the children’s musical, collaborations with Challenge the Stats who brought more diverse musicians into our midst, and even a few seconds of our Hallelujah Chorus on the Today Show are just a few of their achievements. They have kept us singing, even as we couldn’t sing ourselves. Praise God! Following the departure of Associate Music Director, Giles Brightwell, last fall, Kirk in particular has soldiered on alone, making it all work by some magical combination of single-mindedness and sheer talent. Noting all that Kirk and Karol have given to All Saints’, it is my delight to share that David Brensinger will be returning to All Saints’ as Interim Organist this August for the next program year, giving us plenty of time and space to select a permanent musical assistant for Kirk. So, when we’re back soon enough to singing our hearts out on the block, please do remember the sacrifice of our music leaders in this parish, who—pun intended—have not missed a beat.



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