Friday E-News | January 8, 2021

by Simon Mainwaring on January 08, 2021

Dear saints,

There are times in our lives when it is important for us to know where it is we are grounded. This week’s events that saw the U.S. Capitol invaded by an angry and violent mob ask that question of us now. How are we grounded? Where do our values come from? On what basis will we make our contribution to the life of this nation? For the individual, those might be seen as personal questions. For a community such as ours they are questions to be answered out loud and in public so that we can know how we are to live with one another. I know and trust that we as All Saints' are grounded in our faith in Jesus Christ, the one whom the heavens proclaim in our gospel reading this Sunday to be beloved. We are a people constituted in Christ. As a Christian community there is no other grounding that takes priority. In Christ there is no room for violence or hatred, no tolerance for bigotry and no safe harbor for a view that sees other human beings as anything less than living temples of the glory of God. Every person is our neighbor or no one is.

This is not the time to evade difficult questions, it is time to confront them. This coming Sunday I will seek to articulate a faithful response to the events of this week. I pray that you will lend your voice too and that we might prayerfully grow as a community that trusts that the reign of God's kingdom of justice and peace will prevail upon the earth.



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