Friday E-News | January 27, 2023

by Simon Mainwaring on January 27, 2023

Dear saints,

As you have probably heard already, this summer my family and I will head over to India as part of my sabbatical. As a means of preparing our children for the worst and then hoping for the best, I have let them know that my record wait for a train to arrive at the platform during my years there was 21 hours. As trains go, that one was pretty late. There had been an explosion on the tracks a few hundred miles earlier (I didn't tell the children that part) so they had a solid excuse. The point is, whether it is trains or life, waiting can be hard and while being patient is a virtue, it is probably one many of us would happily do without. 
Believe it or not, we at All Saints' have been very virtuous recently, practising an almost monastic-like patience as we have given over time and care to listen to one another, asking how God is active in our lives here and beyond the church. This Sunday, following the 9:00am service I will share what we have learned thus far in that listening work. Given none of the questions asked about specific All Saints' ministries it has been fascinating to see what has come to the surface about what matters most to us. Some of it will confirm what you have long believed about this church and some of it may strike you as new. Do join me this Sunday and find out which is which. In the meantime, may God bless all those who wait.

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