Friday E-News | February 19, 2021

by Simon Mainwaring on February 19, 2021

Dear saints,

Greetings to you as we embark on this holy season of Lent. In some ways, it has felt like Lent has lasted the whole of the past year – an elongated time of withdrawal and denial none of us had planned spending this way. I imagine that many of you, like me, are ready for this to be over. Yet, seasons of introspection and stillness have a way of speaking to us. This Lent our desire is that this might happen by you speaking to one another, in the form of daily Lenten meditations. Each will offer a window into what I have missed more than anything else through this pandemic: your voices; your stories; you. So, as an invitation for Lent, I welcome you to take up the habit of listening to others’ voices. Listen to how God is speaking to you through the lives of your fellow parishioners and as you do, may you be blessed to receive from others the gift you need most.



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