Friday E-News | August 13, 2021

by Simon Mainwaring on August 13, 2021

Dear saints,

When the Bishop of Atlanta made some convivial remarks during the service of the Renewal of Ministry to mark the beginning of my tenure among you as rector, he noted something to the effect that I was not actually the real rector because she was already sitting in the congregation. He was, of course, talking about Pat Kiley. I might have found that to be a little ripe of the bishop at the time had it not been for the fact that I already knew that it was true. Pat has been my strength and stay these first four years at All Saints’, and has served three rectors here over nearly as many decades. In other words, she knows where all of the bodies are buried - literally! And so it is with a mixture of sadness for us and gladness for her that this December, Pat will retire from All Saints’ and head west to Alabama. There is no place like home.

We are opening the search for Pat’s replacement now so that there can be sufficient cross-over time to enable Pat to pass on the wisdom of all those years to her successor. Should you know of someone whom you think might be a good prospective candidate for the position of Rector’s Assistant please do let me know.

Do join me in praying for Pat, for her family, and for this family of All Saints’ as we come to this time of transition. She may leave us in December but she will always have a place in our hearts and in this parish.



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