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The Rev. John F. Herring | Thanksgiving Day | 2008

Rev. John Herring
November 27, 2008

God has given us so much. God has blessed us time and time again, over and

over and over. Even so, God wills more for us. God wishes to have a deeper

relationship with us and to create something new in us. God wishes to make

us well. We can float through life, and mark our holidays with fond

memories and moments of angst. We can take our blessings, and not

acknowledge them fully. Or, we can engage in a meaningful relationship with

our creator, through Christ, out of which more blessings flow. We do not

need anything elaborate in order to foment this relationship, only simple

faith. I am thankful that God has given us so many blessings. I am thankful

God is offering us so much more.


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