From Louisa Merchant:

Thank you so much to Sloan and John Smith for hosting Refugee Ministries for our amazing, annual Swimming Buddies pool party at their home on Saturday and to the ten volunteers who made it happen.  This is the 7th time the Sloan have hosted us, and it always feels like coming home.

From Charlie Rigby:

I would like to applaud and thank you and everyone responsible for making today’s Celebration of Ministries a complete success with an extremely enjoyable celebration, service and meal. From the outside and inside setups for older and younger folks, procession of the many impressive ministry banners, the superior music and singing, the realistic and positive sermon, the important Eucharist service, all the gracious hospitality to the excellent food and fun. Looking forward to All Saints keeping up this open, upbeat and friendly religious celebration environment as we move forward in serving God. 

From Kathy Roberts:

Thanks so much to all the folks that helped make Vacation Bible School a wonderful time of learning, fellowship, and practicing our faith. 
Sarah Bryant, Steve Williams, Louisa Merchant, Amy Gaynor, Katie Paisley, Kate Mabry, Annette Sullivan, and Kelli Kilpatrick
Thanks also to Harrison Williams, Cecelia Sullivan, James Paisley, Maddie Johnson, Annie Mainwaring, Liam Richeson, Audrey Dubronski, Hannah Sullivan, Charles Davidson, Nate Little, Euan Mainwaring and Jane Aiken!

From Sherry Collins:

For Jill Gossett, Director of Parish Life: I hope you have had a chance to catch your breath and rest after the wonderful reception! As we left yesterday, I told you I heard many wonderful compliments about the food, flowers, etc. However, I also want to share that as I was preparing dinner last night, I received a call from a parishioner just raving on and on about the wonderful job you do, the great food, the presentation, the flowers, just on and on!!!! I wanted to share that the parish loves and appreciates you and your hard work! 

From Louisa Merchant:

Thank you so much to Rick Burick, Nick Harrod and Eric Jacobs for taking a group of kids in Refugee Ministries for some summer bowling and video game fun today.  For more info about Refugee Ministries, email

From Louisa Merchant:

Thank you so much to Miles and Spencer Furman for coming out to Clarkston today to play basketball with some kids in our program. Interested in learning more about Refugee Ministries?  e-mail

From Louisa Merchant:

Thank you so much to Margaret Daniel, Hank Harris, Jock Baugh, Ned Henry and Carol Brantley for helping 17 children who don't know how to swim experience water safety lessons in Clarkston in partnership with the YMCA.  Interested in learning more about Refugee Ministries? Email

From Jennifer Jobson:

All Saints’ parishioners – Brian Barefield, Tori Cole, Sally George, Lyn Haney, Sally Hansen, Sarah Hansen, Jan Kibler, Bryan Lutz, Candace Moore, Greg Moore, Mary Moran, Gary Mull, Karen Riggs, Elizabeth Ritchie, Elizabeth Robertson, Frances Root, Don Runnion, and Wendy Silliman – worked as extensions of the All Saints’ family as they volunteered their time and talent at MAC.

From Louisa Merchant:

Thank you so much to Holly and Bob Stevens for hosting and providing lunch for our Refugee Ministries first Swimming Buddies of 2023, and thank you to John Pinkard, Mary Jo Bryan, Carrie Bedore, Kris Birkness, the Wilkes family, the Conway family, Jock Baugh, Betsy Hickman, Anne Stanford, Susan McClure, Ann Stuart Pearce, Ellen Porter, Caroline and Smith Cooley for providing transportation and water supervision.

Are you interested in volunteering for our second one on June 10th? Email .

From Louisa Merchant:

Thank you so much to Hank Harris for helping take 2 kids from Burma, 2 kids from Rwanda and our new family from El Salvador to the zoo on 5/14. Everyone had a wonderful time! If you would like to learn more about taking a family to the zoo, email .

From Louisa Merchant:

Thanks so much to Joe and Jennifer Moyers and Scott McCune and Maripat Newington for taking the Makobwa Jacqueline family from Rwanda to the zoo last week and thank you to Hank Harris, Ann Marie White, Sue Everets, and Elvira Mannelly for helping the Ndiaye family from Senegal get to medical appointments.

From Louisa Merchant:

Thank you to Ivy Moultrie for the wonderful fellowship she helped create at the Welcome Table Service on 5/14 by providing an amazing dinner for all.  If you would like to help provide food for a Welcome Table service, please contact

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