Our People

Sheffield Hale

    All Saints' Member since 1972

    Recent parish activities include:

    Most recently I was member of the Racial and Equity Healing committee.  I have spoken to Eggonomics, served on various panels, including one on Planned Giving, and spoken to Sunday School classes. Prior to these, I was an acolyte, and to this day retain an appropriate fear of the Altar Guild.

    Strengths and skills I can offer the vestry:

    I have extensive experience in all areas of nonprofit (secular) governance and historic preservation.  I also have above average knowledge of the history of the parish, the Episcopal Church and the city of Atlanta.  I am a believer of the “three- legged stool” of Anglicanism and the Elizabethan Settlement and how they have played out at All Saints over the years as we have worked to attract and keep all sorts within the parish.  I think I bring a long-term historical view as well as a focus on intergenerational equity as we contemplate the necessity of husbanding resources and marshaling relevance for the future.

    Sheffield would also like you to know:

    Elizabeth Hale and I have been married for almost 34 years and have three male offspring all of whom were confirmed at All Saints.

    I have been the CEO of the Atlanta History Center for the last ten years. Prior to this I was Chief Counsel of the American Cancer Society and before that was a Partner in the law firm currently known as Kilpatrick Townsend.  I have been on the board of a variety of local and national nonprofit organizations.  Local board chair positions include Ascensa Health (formerly St. Jude’s Recovery Center which was co-founded by All Saints and St Luke’s) and the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation.  At the national level, I am an Emeritus Trustee of the National Trust for Historic Preservation and a current Trustee of Partners for Sacred Places, which works with religious organizations across America to preserve older sacred places and use them in often new ways. 

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