Friday E-News | September 3, 2021

by Simon Mainwaring on September 03, 2021

Dear saints,

As we get back into the swing of things on the block and at the same time watch the news about the Delta variant, I wanted to share a few words this morning on our approach to the next several weeks. Fundamentally, we remain committed as we have been throughout this pandemic to keeping everyone safe, alongside our efforts to be the church we are called to be. This September and October, you can expect to be invited to a full calendar of events such as Celebration of Ministries Sunday in mid-September — which also marks the beginning of our children and youth formation programs - and our parish weekend at Kanuga at the beginning of October. Both for Kanuga and for activities on our own block, we are keeping to a standard set of precautions for everyone’s well-being: masks indoors; no masks outdoors, unless the activity involves singing; spacing if the gathering includes the under-12s; and food and drink served outdoors only. We will celebrate Kanuga this year, but it will be different, moving much of our activities that are traditionally indoors, outdoors. We will have Sunday school classes for all ages, some will be indoors, others outdoors, others still online. Put more simply: we will continue to gather the saints back together as a church that loves one another’s company, safely, flexibly, and in full recognition that we are not all at the same place in our readiness or ability to be an in-person church at this time. And should you remember nothing else from this week’s e-news message, remember this: we love you, we miss seeing you and we will make our way through this together.

Happy Labor Day weekend!



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