Friday E-News | October 22

by Simon Mainwaring on October 22, 2021

Dear saints,

Apparently of the many nicknames All Saints’ has had over the years, one of them at one point was "King and Spalding at prayer." As I have thought about that this week I couldn’t help but imagine the same sentiment in reverse: that as their fellow attorneys at K&S watched our parishioners at work might they have said, "that’s All Saints’ in action." It begs a question. What does your faith look like in action? If someone could see the everyday of your life would they suspect that there was a follower of Jesus operating clandestinely in their midst? I hope so, for me included. (When it comes to the clergy, don’t let the uniform fool you.) If any of this piques your interest then do join this Sunday's Faith in the City forum with retired judge Clint Deveaux and All Saints’ parishioner and retired lawyer Jud Graves as they explore the theme of justice and God’s shalom in the city.

How do you want to be known?



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