Friday E-News | June 4, 2021

by Simon Mainwaring on June 04, 2021

Dear saints,

If you have been among those who have worshipped outdoors in our courtyard this past year, you may have been struck at the sheer beauty of our little corner in Midtown. Indeed, many of you have commented to me following a Sunday service, or perhaps after a labyrinth walk, how much more you now appreciate the outdoor spaces we are blessed with at All Saints’. Part of my vision for us as we strive to be a church for the city is that we offer this gift of our urban oasis to the wider community. One expression of that vision is courtyard concerts, the first of which is coming up next week on Wednesday, June 9. My hope is that in the time to come we will be able to enjoy concerts, have lunch or a coffee, or just enjoy the stillness and wonder of our sacred grounds with all sorts of new people. The tradition that the church is a place of gracious hospitality goes deep into the heart of Christianity. What a gift it is for us to be able to extend our core value of welcoming all through the ministry of music. I do hope you can join us.



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