Friday E-News | December 31, 2021

by Simon Mainwaring on December 31, 2021

Dear saints,

On this very last day of a year that for many reasons we might be glad is coming to an end, I wonder what you look back on in 2021. No doubt we have all been riding a Covid rollercoaster from the winter’s surge, to the summer lull, and back again as we close the year. Yet in the midst of all that headline news have been the small acts of kindness and generosity that remind us that the quality of human goodness endures all things. May I invite you to end this year today taking up the practice of gratitude? Perhaps you might find a quiet moment to reflect and name before God that for which your heart is glad and your spirit is thankful. It’s what our forebears might have called counting your blessings. Time will turn, a new year will begin and in the dark of night the light will usher in the morning. Grace and peace to you all as we turn the page together.

New Year’s blessings,

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