Friday E-News | April 29, 2022

by Simon Mainwaring on April 29, 2022

Dear saints,

This Sunday marks both an end and a beginning. The Rev. Dr. Dwight Zscheile is the last in our series of preacher/teachers who have been with us since January preparing the ground for us to cast a vision for all the saints - those of today and those this church has yet to welcome. Dwight's particular role in our series also marks the beginning of a season before us of listening to one another for what is most important in our hearts about All Saints'. We know that much has changed about the world and perhaps about ourselves through this pandemic, and we also know that God continuously calls the church to new birth. I invite you to join me in welcoming Dwight to the block this Sunday as we imagine what lies ahead with confidence and faith.
On a personal note, this week has also marked an end for our family with Monica's father, Robert Burns, going on to glory. As so many of you have experienced for yourselves, no matter how much you can see a loss coming, when it comes the pain is raw and real. Please do hold Monica and our wider family in your prayers. And for all those whom we love yet see no longer, may we meet once more in the fullness of God's love.



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