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Children's Stations of the Cross Holy Week Walk

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March 31, 2021
Welcome to Holy Week
Welcome to our Children's Stations of the Cross Holy Week Walk Online! We are so excited to provide this offering as we walk in the way of Jesus together, from Palm Sunday to Easter.
Make it interactive!
Below is a list of supplies to bring to your "watch party" so that the whole family can participate in the Holy Week events that lead to Jesus' death and resurrection. You can make this an interactive walk by bringing a few things with you as you watch the video:

• a palm branch (draw one or cut any branch from your yard and wave it while we talk about Palm Sunday)
• a favorite shirt or coat (throw down a shirt or coat for Jesus and the donkey to walk upon)
• a placemat (one you have or make one, for each family member, to set before you as you hear about Maundy Thursday)
• a pitcher of water, a basin or tub, a towel (all for washing feet)
• 6 candles (any size, they do not have to be the same and some matches for the adults to light them; light them all after washing feet)
• a cross from your house (or draw one to lay before you and Jesus takes his last breath)
• a piece of linen or pillowcase torn into 10-12 inch by 1 inch strips, one for each family member (tie these on each other’s wrists as Joseph wrapped Jesus in linen; you can take them off on Easter Day, when the linen clothes were found in the tomb)

Join in to sing, pray, learn, and go forth to serve. Available starting at 8:00 a.m. ET each Sunday. Please send Mrs. Kathy your prayer requests and birthdays by Wednesday for the following Sunday. 

Kathy Roberts
Director of Children’s Ministries

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