Friday E-News | December 17, 2021

by Simon Mainwaring on December 17, 2021

Dear saints,

I love that each year at All Saints’ we have a non-anxious Christmas pageant, which will be this coming Sunday at 9:00 a.m.. No doubt about it, we could all do with a little non-anxiety right now. Anxiety has become the background music for the world we share with a pandemic still upending so many lives. We are ready for this to end, and the limits of our ability to make that so are indeed anxiety-producing. So, we need to hear a larger story, the tale of the birth of the Christ-child that draws us into its drama. A story where our anxieties are invited to be at peace. In it we have the chance to re-discover the wonder of God’s divine love enveloped in a tiny human life. Perhaps it is children who most of all, in touch as they are with their sense of wonder, can help us see again this most beautiful of truths.

So, come to church on Sunday. Let a child help you remember the promise of new life made to us in the Incarnation. And receive the gift of peace this Christmas season.



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