All Saints’ Monthly

December 2018

Dear Saints,

It was quite the discovery last Christmas Eve to walk out of one service packed to the rafters and discover a long line of people waiting out in the cold to be let in for the next one. I never knew that there were people who were willing to stand outdoors on a cold December night just to get into a church service. There are, and we are richer for their company, for it is in the good company of others that we are gifted glimpses of the glory of God, gathering as we do this time of year to tell the story of God’s desire to be in the company of this world.

I wonder what gift of discovery awaits you this Advent season. An old song heard in a new way? An ancient story breaking new ground in your life? Whatever gift awaits you, may it bless you with wonder and joy this Advent.



All Saints' Monthly - December 2018

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