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Planned Giving

The Cornerstone Society is the legacy giving arm of All Saints’, Atlanta. It is open to anyone who declares that they have made provision for All Saints’ in their estate plan. This can be as simple as leaving the contents of a checking account or wallet to the church or to the Centennial Endowment in a will, designating the church as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy or as complicated as creating a charitable remainder trust.

The usual priority in estate planning is creating financial security for family members. Once that security is assured, many people consider making a financial provision to the organizations and institutions that have enriched their lives and the lives of others. We teach sustained and sustaining giving as a spiritual practice that leads us to live more abundant life here and now. That is as true of planned or deferred giving as it is of our making annual or capital gifts.

While many people join the Cornerstone for a reason as simple as wanting to ensure that the ministries of this remarkable parish continue in the future, others think in terms of being good stewards by offsetting the loss to the church of her or his annual giving for a few years. Yet others direct their gifts toward some particular area of ministry such as Youth and Children’s Music or Christian Social Ministries as a way of supporting an aspect of our ministry that is particularly important to that donor.

In any event it is important that “all persons make wills, while they are in health, arranging for the disposal of their temporal goods, not neglecting, if they are able, to leave bequests for religious and charitable purposes.” (The Book of Common Prayer p.445) Click this link to download the planned giving form.

With the assistance of your legal advisor, you can establish a bequest by will, to be directed to All Saints’. If you have already prepared a will, your legal advisor can help you add a codicil to include All Saints’. The codicil template is provided as information only. Please consult your legal advisor before making any changes to your estate plan.

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