Affinity Groups

All Saints’ has an affinity group for almost everyone, covering a wide variety of interests both within the parish and beyond.

Library Committee

Parishioners are encouraged to read and reflect in the All Saints’ library and to borrow books on a variety of spiritual issues. Special attention is given to titles that parallel church adult education courses.
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Archives Committee

A century of All Saints’ memorabilia is housed in display cabinets in the library. The Archives committee catalogs and maintains the materials, and uses them for periodic topical displays.
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Arts Theology

This ministry provides opportunities for parishioners to consider the theological themes of an artistic event – an exhibit, play, dance performance or concert by presenting a guest speaker or attending an event as a group.
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Garden Group

Volunteers gather seasonally, and whenever necessary, to plant and tend the gardens and grounds of the church.
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Gays and Lesbians of All Saints’ (GALAS)

GALAS provides a warm welcome for persons of all orientations. We offer an environment for fostering community and reconciling issues important to our faith. Through our regular gatherings, special social events, annual retreat, and educational and service opportunities, our goal is to grow as beloved children of God.
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Writers’ Group

The All Saints’ Writers Group is comprised of a small group of folks, who hear a voice from within, which beckons each to express themselves through the written word. Meeting bi-weekly on Wednesdays, usually at a member’s home at 6:30 p.m., the participants share something they have written by reading aloud from a short story, portion of a book or a poem in their own voice. Members then respond to the piece by providing helpful feedback on one another’s work.
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Earth Stewards

Earth Stewards explore how our faith calls us to care for creation. We advocate greater respect for the gifts we’ve been given in the world, especially the efficient and sustainable use of energy. We conduct programs to educate and raise awareness of how stewardship of God’s creation is an integral part of our Christianity. Earth Stewards have sponsored the Moore Farms & Friends CSA, CFL sales, film showings, signups for Georgia Power’s Power Credit program, Sunday schools, and Wednesday night seminars. We conduct outings and gather for dinner. Our meetings are usually over a meal at one of our member’s homes or neighborhood community gathering spaces.
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Foyer Groups

These supper clubs are a fabulous, informal means to become better acquainted with your fellow parishioners, and are appropriate for singles or couples of all ages. Each group contains 10-12 people, and each group sets it own schedule for meeting (usually once every 4-6 weeks). Members of the group take turns hosting the meal at their homes. Hosts prepare an entrée, while other members round out the meal by bringing the appetizer, salad, side dishes and dessert. Some groups may wish to meet at a local restaurant. Groups usually meet for around nine months beginning in September and going through May or June.
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Newcomer Committee

This group is comprised of individuals who serve as either Greeters on Sunday mornings or note writers during the week. Greeters are on a scheduled rotation to greet folks before and after the morning services. Greeters are our first face and possible connection to All Saints’ and the group is eager to make friends and provide a warm welcome to those who arrive on Sunday mornings. The note writers group welcomes any newcomer or visitor to the parish with a hand written note of acknowledgement of their visit and a welcome to the parish. A rotating schedule is also in place for the note writers and one typically serves once every 3 months.
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Women’s Guilds

Women’s Chapters are an important part of the life of our parish, and are a great way to get to know other women in the parish you might not otherwise encounter. For more information click here.
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