Friday E-News | October 28, 2022

by Simon Mainwaring on October 28, 2022

Dear saints,

About seven years ago I began to read the first Harry Potter books to our children out loud at bedtime. Together we made our way through seven books, which is apparently over a million words read out loud. Unlike the usual glazed expression I might get when opening my mouth around my kids, J. K Rowling's world of magic, friendship and the struggle of good over evil drew us into a different kind of space for seeing the world. Good stories do that for us, and within them we get to lose ourselves for a while. The same can be said for good liturgy or for prayer. They become vessels generous enough for us to be held and as such we begin to become knowable at a deeper level. This Sunday evening's Harry Potter eucharistic feast at All Saints' is another such invitation for us to lay down our worries in the world for a while so as to deepen our compassion for it. Come and join friends young and old and wonder for the things of God made manifest in the gift of storytelling.


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