Friday E-News | May 14, 2021

by Simon Mainwaring on May 14, 2021

Dear saints,

This Sunday is Senior Sunday, the day in our church year when we give thanks for our parishioners who are graduating high school and heading out into the world beyond. And what a world they are entering into. I wonder what these soon-to-be high school graduates will remember of this time in the years to come. No doubt, they will recall how the world was turned upside down for all of us. Yet I also hope that these seniors will remember not only the resilience, tenacity and courage they have displayed to make it to graduation, but also the love and admiration we have for them as their church. On Sunday, two of their number will preach, and all of them will receive a blessing on behalf of the parish and in the name of God. I invite you to extend that blessing to the high schoolers in your life in word and deed and prayer. Remind them that the world won’t forever be this challenging and that wherever their journey goes, All Saints’ will always be home and their Savior will always be with them. May God grant them each the courage and fortitude to accomplish all that their hearts call them to strive for. Go well, class of 2021, the Lord your God is with you.



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