Make your pledge by October 27 to be included in the “Thanks for Making A Pledge” list!


This list will be published in our bulletin on All Saints’ / Commitment Sunday, November 3. We will list the names in alphabetical order, not by amount pledged. If you wish to remain anonymous, please let us know on your pledge card.

Welcome to the Season of All Giving Together.

We celebrate that All Saints’ is a vibrant, progressive community that welcomes all and invites everyone to step forward and offer a financial pledge for the coming year.

Says Canvass 2020 team leader, Tom Harvey, “Like most of you, I make donations to various charities in this city but my pledge to All Saints’ is different from that transactional type of gift. God asks for the whole of my life and therefore I consider giving in a way that reflects that. Greg and I spend some intentional time talking about our current income and what portion we will offer to the church.”

Bradley and Lelia Pratt found All Saints’ to be the engaging vibrant community they were looking for in which to raise their three children, “We have committed a large portion of our family time to church activities. Our pledge is increasing this year because this is a quality investment for us. Being part of All Saints’ helps us become clear on what we really care about.”

Adds Greg Coffman, “Simon, Zack and Sarah invite us into worship that engages and welcomes all of us. Our church engages all of us in our city. What a great season for every one of us to commit with our hearts and with our money.”

2020 Annual Canvass Videos

Sunday, October 27

Sunday, October 20

Sunday, October 13

Sunday, October 6

Sunday, September 29

Sunday, September 22


Sunday, September 15




How much should I pledge?

There is no single answer to this question. We believe that it is in giving that we receive and that generosity is not only an antidote to anxiety, but also a spiritual practice that helps us receive in particular, the promises of the gospel. We do not presume to tell you how much to pledge but are happy to offer some ways of thinking about this spiritual practice that others have found helpful.

Giving as a percentage of income. Many Christians aspire to give away 10% or more of their income to what they believe to be God’s purposes in the world. If this is your first pledge we encourage you to start with whatever amount you think you can manage, but to think about it as a percentage of your income. Can you offer 1%? More? Less? Choose a percentage and try and increase the percentage that you offer each year. Remember a pledge not only helps us be conscious about our practice, but also helps those who lead our church be good and faithful stewards of the gifts we release. A pledge however is just that: a pledge of intention. Sometimes our circumstances change and we can alter our pledge at any time with a call or email to our office.

Memorials and Gifts: One-time gifts in memory or honor of loved ones.

We encourage financial gifts to the church in honor of or in memory of your friends and loved ones. These gifts support many aspects of worship at All Saints’. All Saints’ sends acknowledgement letters to family members for these gifts of any amount. Remember to mark your gifts: Memorial and Gifts. Thank you All Saints’ and friends! For more information contact Richard G. Hall.

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