Youth Worship

All Saints’ is a progressive Christian congregation marked by dignified worship with great music and excellent preaching. Our services on Sunday morning are at 9:00 a.m. and 11:15 a.m., and we strongly encourage and invite all families to worship together. It is in worship where we are shaped by word, prayer, and sacrament, and to be able to share this experience as a family is a true gift and discipline.

Showing Up

A big part of being Episcopalian is “showing up.” What we do during worship may not seem like “youth worship” but it is! Being a part of weekly worship services where young people and adults share prayers, offerings and hearts with God is the most important thing we do at All Saints’. All of us come together on Sunday morning and share God’s word and the Holy Eucharist, and no matter how we feel or where we are in our journey, we are changed forever.

Praying is Believing

At All Saints’ we also believe strongly that a worshipping community should worship as one community. We do not have separate “youth services” on Sunday morning. However, youth also experience worship in other settings as a community. They might have communion on a covered bridge after a hike or pray “Night Prayers” after an evening of games and fellowship at our monthly AYC (All Saints’ Youth Community) gatherings. As Episcopalians, we believe that praying is believing. We try to make prayer and worship a lifestyle for our young people by incorporating it in all we do.

Acolyte Ministry

Being an acolyte is to be a part of helping to lead worship at All Saints’. People in grades 8-12 may sign up for acolyte ministry and serve during the year on Sunday mornings and other special services during Christmas, Holy Week and even some Wedding, Ordination, Lifelong Commitment, or Funeral services.

All Saints’ Acolyte Ministry is led by young people with the help of two Acolyte Vergers and the Youth Minister. Seniors in High School who can commit to attending trainings and being “shepherds” to young or new acolytes take on the responsibility of leading teams of 4 or 5 acolytes each week. Being an Acolyte Captain is a huge leadership opportunity and people who serve in this capacity take it very seriously. We are grateful for our dedicated and skilled acolytes and invite all young people to consider serving in this ministry.

christmas-15 If you or your young person grades 8-12 are interested in being an acolyte now or in the future, please fill out this online form and someone will contact you soon.

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