Sunday Formation for 3 Year Olds – 5th Grade

3 and 4 Year Olds: Living The Good News

Sunday Formation classes use the Living the Good News curriculum. Children ages 3-4 years old will be introduced to a new story each week from August to May. Each Sunday there is a Parent’s Page by the Sign in/Out sheet that coincides with the Episcopal lectionary which reminds you of the day’s story and it’s corresponding Bible verse.

Kindergarten-3rd: The Spark Rotation Program

Children in Kindergarten through third grade gather at 10:20 a.m. in Kenan Commons, located on the second floor of the Pritchett Center. Together they read the Bible story for the rotation and then break off into their own grade levels, visiting a different classroom each week. Included in each Sunday’s bulletin is a note to parents reminding them of the day’s story and its corresponding Bible verses. There is also a Family Page by the sign in/out sheet with ideas to facilitate conversation with your child about the story.

The All Saints’ rotation schedule encompasses a six-year cycle, with each cycle covering foundational Old Testament and New Testament stories. By the end of the six years, the children will have learned the names and stories of important figures of the Judeo-Christian faith. Our hope is that the children will be able to tell these stories to others and take ownership of the message of God’s love.

Our specially designed classrooms are:

  • Mary and Martha’s Bed & Breakfast (cooking/science related lessons)
  • Proclamation Station (skits/Bible games & “video studio” lessons)
  • The Galilee Theater (video viewing – complete with a popcorn maker)
  • Noah’s Ark (art and craft lessons)
  • The City of David – Jerusalem (storytelling, movement and games)

All age groups learn the same story in varying ways over a number of weeks and in ways appropriate to their specific age and ability. In an effort to reach different learning styles, each room incorporates different activities. These activities include arts and crafts, drama, story telling, cooking (and eating!), and music/movement. Becoming knowledgeable about the Bible is an important part of each lesson. We want children to know where these stories are found. We also want to encourage children to turn to the Bible for knowledge and guidance, now and throughout their lives.

4th and 5th Grade: Connect

ConnectSunday Mornings, we use a new curriculum called Connect which takes preteens on a journey through the Old Testament and into the New Testament, exploring the connections between several stories each week

It’s not little kid Sunday school! Resources used in the Connect curriculum are developed just for preteens—blending solid theology with quirky humor. Connect grows with preteens, helping them make sense of the Bible, and encouraging them to ask questions, make connections, and reflect. Connect is Bible-centered Sunday Formation, with just enough preteen humor to get fourth and fifth graders hooked. Using quirky videos, hands-on activities, and Bible exploration, Connect helps preteens make the transition from kid to teen.

And we will have seasonal Big Fun Events at times other than Sunday morning. The first one is a Get To Know You party in August. Parents of 4th and 5th graders should be receiving a weekly email about the activities of this new ministry. If you are not receiving this email, please drop and email to Kathy Roberts at kroberts@allsaintsatlanta.org.

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