Little Saints Ministry
Child Care and Christian Formation for the Youngest Among Us

Our care and concern for our youngest members begins in the nursery proper. All Saints’ is blessed to have top quality rooms, furnishings and equipment for the care of even the youngest infants. When parents walk into the first floor of the Pritchett Children’s Center, they encounter not only the excellent facilities, but also a competent and caring Sunday morning paid staff.

The guiding principles for nursery care begin with our commitment to offering loving, safe, compassionate and Christ-like care. We work to intentionally create a place where the love of God and Jesus is lived out in ways that will help every child want to return again and again.

At the present time we offer first quality nursery care for children of ages two and under. As our children grow older we add content to the time they spend in our care.

The Sunday Nursery Director and the paid staff are supported by volunteers in many ways. (See “Volunteer Opportunities.”)

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