Current Session

April 2021

Session Intro

Dear saints,

Welcome to our Easter season of formation, as we invite the Holy Spirit’s transformation in our lives, deepening our Christian faith for the sake of the world. We have prepared an extraordinary smorgasbord of classes for you, and we hope that you will be able to join these online classes at 9:00 a.m. even as you make your way back to the block for outdoor worship. It is a joy to offer, here, a sample of the intellectual feast.

First, Emory Professor Ian McFarland investigates the relationship between Christian Faith and Science, exploring what the confession of God as Creator tells us about the world and our place in it, and what implications this has for how we receive and evaluate the claims of science. Dr. McFarland is the Robert W. Woodruff Professor of Theology, and holds Emory's most significant academic chair. We are thrilled to welcome him to All Saints' in partnership with the Candler Foundry.

Second, Lee Osorio and Bob Woodward use Shakespeare's writing to launch conversations about the roles we play and the stories we tell with our lives. Each class will include performances of excerpts from Shakespeare's most famous plays, followed by discussions examining some of life's biggest questions including: What is the ideal relationship between church and state? Does free will exist? What is truth? And, What awaits us in the afterlife? On a personal note, Lee called some of his actor friends and asked them to do Shakespeare for Sunday School. What a creative idea!

Third, the MICAH Project considers the intersection between environmental health and racial equity. Mandy Mahoney explores energy insecurity, where energy bills are high and even unaffordable for low-income households. The problem is a result of substandard housing which can largely be traced back to racist housing and banking policies. Then, President Carter's grandson, Jason, explores Environmental Justice through the work of the Carter Center, the Georgia Senate, and his legal practice. Finally, President Clinton's Deputy Administrator of the U.S.D.A, Rashid Nuri, believes that the current paradigm of commercial agriculture is not sustainable, and is detrimental to both humans and the planet. He will demonstrate the power of small farms and urban agriculture to improve the future of the world's food production, improve health outcomes, and build strong communities.

We invite to join these fascinating and nuanced conversations, and to help spread the word using this invitation center




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