Current Session

Winter & Spring 2022

A Vision for All the Saints

Dear saints,

This fall we will engage in a parish-wide and multi-month process of discerning the future of our block. It promises to be an exciting time as we seek the Spirit’s guidance for how our city block may become even more fully an expression of God’s justice and love in the world.

Before we can dream together about our patch of land, we first need to name for one another the future shape of our life as a church, including our mission and ministries. Between January and May, we will invite the whole parish to cast a vision for our life as a church – a vision for all the saints – both in the present and for decades to come. This visioning work will happen across our many and varied ministry areas, as well as during some parish-wide activities.

To help us imagine our future we will be joined by a series of preachers and teachers who will help us remember our own story as a church as well as learn from the stories of the church far and wide. I pray that as we ground ourselves in the Spirit’s guidance we will gain a greater appreciation for all we already are and hear from one another the dreams we have for the church we wish to become for future generations. I invite you to lend your voice.



The Rev. Dr. Simon Mainwaring, Rector

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