Lauri BegleyLauri Begley
Director of Parish Life

Contact Lauri: 404-267-4273

As Director of Parish Life, Lauri is responsible for many of the activities at the church outside of worship and education. Lauri also works on fellowship events—large and small, group gatherings—whether it be a new group just starting up or affinity groups that we strive to maintain, and parish-wide gatherings/celebrations. Finding and developing ways for parishioners to connect to All Saints’ and to one another is top priority.

Lauri also oversees the newcomers program where finding ways for people to connect to the parish and to one another is of ultimate importance. While helping newcomers feel welcome and becoming acclimated to our life at All Saints’, Lauri looks for ways for the newcomer to feel a part of the church family as quickly as possible. Through small group gatherings, social functions, study groups and large parish-wide events, she is always looking for an avenue where the newcomer will connect.

Lisa Bell-Davis
Director of Communications

Contact Lisa: 404-267-4268

Lisa oversees all facets of All Saints’ communications, anywhere and everywhere our message needs to be seen, promoting worship services, parish life and stewardship events, our ministries, and formation classes. She designs and produces All Saints’ Monthly (newsletter), brochures, flyers, posters, monitor billboards, event signage, manages our social media, and serves as our parish photographer. She leads the communications team, which includes Program Assistant Mark Wirtz, and webmaster Tremaine Davis, coordinating and managing bulletin announcements and website content. Overall, Lisa strives to keep All Saints’ image consistent and strong, and our message clear, across all forms of media.

The ChenaultsRay Chenault
Organist and Choirmaster

Contact Ray: 404-267-4261

Beth Chenault
Associate Organist and Choirmaster

Contact Beth: 404-267-4261

Ray Chenault, Organist & Choirmaster and Beth Chenault, Associate Organist & Choirmaster, have headed the music program at All Saints’ since October 1975. Ray oversees the entire music program and coordination of music and liturgy, conducts the All Saints’ Choir and assists in planning the Concert Series. Beth assists in all of these areas, accompanies the choir, and serves on the concert series committee. Click here for their detailed biography.

Nancy DodsonNancy Dodson
Director of Finance

Contact Nancy: 404-267-4281

Nancy Dodson is Director of Finance and Operations. Her job is to serve the church by providing overall direction over finance, accounting, human resources, property operations and buildings & grounds. Nancy also provides leadership to and supervision of staff and volunteers involved in these ministries.

Bruce GarnerBruce Garner
Head Verger

Contact Bruce

As Head Verger, Bruce Garner serves as a liturgical “stage manager” or master of ceremonies for services, assisting the clergy to help insure that worship services run smoothly. Bruce is responsible for coordinating the activities of a team which includes 14 other vergers who serve on a regular basis and 3 who serve for special services. A verger is present at almost every service that is held at All Saints’. Bruce also attends regular staff meetings and meetings of the several Worship Guilds of the parish.

Betsey GibbsBetsey Gibbs
Membership Coordinator

Contact Betsey: 404-267-4264

Betsey Gibbs is membership coordinator at All Saints’. Betsey handles the transfers in and out of All Saints’ and updates to the database/mailing list, as well as being the support for the newcomers ministry and the annual canvass. She also processes all incoming offerings, payments, gifts and stock transfers, and she also produces the weekly bulletins.

Lori GuariscoLori Guarisco
Threads Coordinator

Contact Lori: 404-267-4317

Lori Guarisco is the coordinator of Threads, a ministry dedicated to providing children in need with quality clothing.

Ellen HayesEllen Hayes
Director of Stewardship & Development

Contact Ellen: 404-267-4275

Ellen Hayes is the director of stewardship & development. She oversees the annual stewardship canvass and the pledging process, as well as managing memorials and gifts to the church. Ellen also works with the Planned Giving component of All Saints: The Cornerstone Society.

Pat KileyPat Kiley
Assistant to the Rector

Contact Pat: 404-267-4265

Pat Kiley is the assistant to the rector. She also coordinates baptisms, confirmations, and funerals. She helps coordinate and support the vestry, the prayer list, adult enquirers’ classes and has other responsibilities in the office.

Karol KimmellKarol Kimmell
Director of Youth and Children’s Music

Contact Karol: 404-267-4262

Karol Kimmell is the Director of Youth and Children’s Music, planning and directing choral and handbell choirs for children ages four through 18: Cherub Choir (PreK-K), Primary Choir (1st,2nd) , Junior Choir (3rd-6th), Junior Handbell Choir (4th-6th), Youth Choir and Youth Handbell Choir (7th-12th). The choirs sing for worship and special parish events throughout the school year. Karol directs the annual Junior Choir musical presented to the parish and takes the Youth Choir on an out-of-town weekend singing tour each year, leading worship at host churches. Karol developed and directs our Adult Handbell Choir, ringers who gather in the fall to prepare to ring at the 1:00 Christmas Eve service. Click here to our MUSIC page for more info & schedules.

Terry KintonTerry Kinton
Youth and Children’s Music Accompanist

Terry Kinton is the Youth and Children’s Music Accompanist, accompanying all the youth and children’s choirs and assisting with the Youth Handbell Choir. She plays the piano for festival worship services in Ellis Hall (Palm Sunday & Easter Day) and in the church (Feast of the Epiphany and 5:00 Ash Wednesday.) She travels with the Youth Choir each year.

Louisa MerchantLouisa Merchant
Coordinator of Refugee Ministries

Contact Louisa: 404-267-4274

Our refugee coordinator, Louisa, has eight years’ experience working with refugees through All Saints part time, and has recently come aboard full time to help us extend our services. Louisa has Masters’ degrees in Spanish and Psychology and twenty-three years’ experience teaching Spanish and English. She gained her multicultural education prior to joining us through working for seven years at a local Islamic school as a middle school teacher and the assistant principal. Louisa meets with volunteers personally prior to beginning their service and offers extensive support to the volunteers throughout the duration of their work. In addition to helping volunteers connect with other volunteers, navigate cultural communication with refugee families, she also provides assistance with social services and translation and offers support for the emotional impact of working with traumatized people who endure systemic oppression.

Randy MillerRandy Miller
Director of Security

Marie-Louise MuhumuzaMarie-Louise Muhumuza

Contact Marie-Louise: 404-267-4260

Marie-Louise is the Church Receptionist. She coordinates our wonderful volunteer receptionists. She also has other responsibilities including, printing the weekly bulletins, buying office supplies, producing birthday cards, thank you notes, mailings and more.

Maurice D. ReddickMaurice D. Reddick
Project/Facilities Manager

Contact Maurice: 404-267-4290

Maurice Reddick is Project/Facilities Manager/Fire & Life Safety manager, the overseer of multiple construction and maintenance projects of the eight buildings. He maintains overall plant operations to ensure property meets all current codes and regulations, as well as fire protection and prevention. Maurice is also responsible for implementation of operational polices and procedures determined by Church Council, buildings and grounds committee, health & fire department, Energy Companies, and OSHA regulations including federal and state agencies.

Kathy RobertsKathy Roberts
Director of Children’s Ministries

Contact Kathy: 404-267-4272

Kathy is responsible for coordinating our Children’s Ministries and Formation program (3 year olds through 3rd Grade) and the Connect program for our 4th and 5th Graders.

Mark WirtzMark Wirtz
Program & Communications Assistant

Contact Mark: 404-267-4270

Mark Wirtz is the Program & Communications Assistant. Mark works with the clergy and program staff to support the church’s organizational and missional efforts. He moved to Atlanta in 2011 to study theology and biblical languages at the McAfee School of Theology at Mercier University and graduated in 2014. Mark has worked in both the nonprofit and private sectors before coming to All Saints’. Currently Mark is working closely with church staff to increase its use of computer and web-based systems to enhance our operations; and he is the first point of contact for announcements for parish classes and events, weddings, lay volunteer schedules, and candle and flower donations.


Left to right: Phil Turks, Zack Hovland, Benjenia Lee, Victor Young, Fred Hart, and Head Sexton Reece Johnson.

These hard working caretakers of the church, campus and grounds make it possible to have the 300+ meetings, services, and events at All Saints’ each month. They are the ones that do the cleaning and maintenance throughout the campus, as well as setup and cleanup for the variety of events that take place across this block. Plus, they keep a watchful eye on the many souls that pass through our campus each day.

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