The Vestry

Lay Leadership at All Saints’

All Saints’ vestry is responsible for the business affairs of the parish and represents the congregation in every area of decision-making. Meetings are generally held at 4:30 p.m. on the third Monday of each month and are open to all members of the church.

Vestry members are elected at the annual parish meeting from a list of candidates presented by the vestry nominating committee made up of outgoing vestry members. To be eligible for election, a person must be at least 18 years of age and a communicant in good standing. The vestry is composed of 18 people serving staggered three-year terms.

The senior and junior wardens of the church are selected from and elected by the vestry. All Saints’ ministries are led by parishioners with the support and guidance of clergy and other pastoral and program staff members. Vestry members oversee areas of ministry that may include committees, projects, or task groups and other ad hoc arrangements.

These areas usually include Christian social ministries, buildings and grounds, adult formation, youth ministries, children’s ministries, parish life, pastoral care, personnel, finance, stewardship, and worship. In addition, parishioners serve as endowment trustees, cemetery trustees, and memorial committee members.

Vestry Nominations for the Class of 2021/2022

We are accepting nominations for the vestry class of 2021/2022 from Sunday, February 17 to Sunday, March 24 at 6:30 p.m. Submit your nominations at the boxes in the church entry foyer, the Parish Life desk, the round table in Egleston Hall, or via email to Pat Kiley, Assistant to the Rector, at

Meet the 2018-19 Vestry

John FrazerJohn Frazer
Senior Warden
All Saints’ member since 1990.

Recent Parish Activities Include:
My wife, Connie, and I led the Given Greatly annual canvass campaign in 2014. Last year, I was involved with the “Pray Serve Give” canvass reaching out to various members of the parish. For the past several years, I have assisted Ellen Hayes in her “calling effort” to remind our parishioners to support the annual canvass.

Strengths and skills I can offer the vestry:
In the late 1990s, I served on the All Saints’ vestry for five and half years. I was asked to fill an open position for a vestry member that moved away. When that term expired, I was elected to serve the normal three year term. Also, when I moved to Memphis from 2004 through 2009, I served on the vestry at Calvary Church for three years.I believe that my previous vestry experience will be helpful as our parish goes through the important transitional period.

John would also like you to know:
Since moving to Atlanta in 1989, Connie and I have been members at All Saints’, except for the five years that we lived in Memphis. All three of our children (Lee Martin, Riley and John) were baptized at All Saints’, active participants in the children’s choir, Sunday school and our two daughters were confirmed. Riley, my daughter, went on the Scotland pilgrimage in the summer of 2012. Professionally, after working in many different capacities at SunTrust Bank for the last 27 years, this month, I will begin working at IRA Group which is a privately held investment advisory business. During my time in Atlanta, I have been an active participant in several Atlanta philanthropic efforts. Currently, I serve on the Board at the East Lake Foundation, Board of Trustees for AG Rhodes Health & Rehab as well as the Winship Cancer Advisory Board.

Dot MillerDorothy (Dot) Miller
Junior Warden
All Saints’ member since 2003.

Recent Parish Activities Include:
I am a current member of our Finance Committee, Chair of the Buildings and Grounds Committee and have served on the Stewardship Committee. I serve as a Captain on an 11:15 a.m. usher team, a Lector and Intercessor, a Lay Eucharistic Minister, a Parish Retreat at Kanuga committee participant, and a Flower Guild participant for Feasts and Festivals. I participated in the second class of the All Saints’ Roundtable from 2013-2014 and have served twice as a delegate from All Saints’ to Annual Council of the Diocese. I am participating in the EfM program at All Saints’ and will complete the program in 2019. I am currently serving on the Finance Committee for the Diocese of Atlanta and on a Buildings and Grounds Roundtable with representatives from St. Luke’s and the Cathedral of St. Philip. In the summer of 2016, I was among the All Saints’ pilgrims who walked seventy two miles on the El Camino to the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral in Northern Spain.

Strengths and skills I can offer the vestry:
As a CPA, I have a strong background in financial reporting, tax, budgeting and cost analysis. With my experience with the Finance and Buildings and Grounds Committees, I am very familiar with the financial operations and needs of the church, which will assist me as a vestry member in the decision making process. I have client relationships with several non-profit organizations in the Sandy Springs area, providing me additional experience with the operations of non-profit organizations. I have never met a stranger, have a welcoming spirit and am eager to establish and maintain relationships within our church community.

Dot would also like you to know:
I am an Atlanta native, a University of Alabama fan, and have been practicing accounting here for most of my career. I married my high school sweetheart, Jamie Miller, who, as a lifelong All Saints’ parishioner, introduced me to this parish in 1967. We have been married for 38 years, live in Alpharetta with our adorable dog and love to cook and entertain.

Todd SillimanTodd Silliman
All Saints’ member since 1995

My ongoing activities include ushering and volunteering occasionally but passionately at Threads. With Bob Woodward and Jere Wells, I have organized adult Sunday school classes on Shakespeare’s works. In 2012, I served in the annual canvass. I was a member of the All Saints’ 2020 Steering Committee and chaired the subcommittee that offered recommendations for a program to engage future leaders for the parish. During discernment process led by the All Saints’ Strategic Thinking Group, I facilitated several parishioner feedback sessions. In the more distant past, I served as a children’s Sunday school teacher, member of the Children’s Education Committee, and a lector.

Strengths and skills I can offer the vestry:
Engagement in a wide variety of activities during my 20+ years as a parishioner at All Saints’ provides me with a broad perspective on our church’s worship, outreach, children’s programs, and parish life. Having never served on the vestry, I would hope to contribute ideas and perspectives that have not yet been heard. My service on several nonprofit boards and leadership development programs have helped me better understand the importance of hearing diverse viewpoints and engaging the energies of others in service to the common goal. Though lawyers are never underrepresented on the vestry, I am pleased to apply my experience as a practicing attorney in any way that may be of assistance.

Todd would also like you to know:
I am married to Wendy Silliman, who, among other activities, has been actively involved with Threads since its founding. I have a son (Alexander, 20) and daughter (Margaret, 18). I am a partner at Dentons, an international law firm, where I practice environmental law. I am chair of the board of the Atlanta Shakespeare Company and have served on several boards focused on environmental protection.

Charlie OgburnCharlie Ogburn

Charlie has been a member of All Saints’ since 1986 but an Episcopalian all his life. He served on All Saints’ vestry from 2014-2017, and has been a lector and usher as well as Chair of the Endowment Committee. The first five years of Charlie’s professional career in finance were spent at King & Spalding; followed by 16 years at Robinson-Humphrey, then nine years at Arcapita, an international (Islamic) investment firm based in Bahrain. Charlie has also served on the boards of Crawford & Co. (NYSE); The Cook & Bynum Fund (for-profit mutual fund), Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (not-for-profit), the Georgia Research Alliance (not-for profit), and the Duke Islamic Studies Center (university-related).

Jenna BaroneJenna Barone
All Saints’ member since 2015

I came to All Saints’ as an intern in 2013 and worked with the All Saints’ Atlanta Project for a year. During that year I lived in an intentional community and worked for the Clarkston Community Center, a partner with All Saints’ at the time. Since then I have been involved in numerous ways. I’ve taught 7th grade Sunday school, I’ve attended adult formation and have gone on the parish and women’s retreats, I go to the concert series, I have pledged and most recently, I have joined the choir. I don’t know everyone or everything that goes on at All Saints’, but I do have a pretty good idea of what makes the church live and breathe.

Strengths and skills I can offer the vestry:
There has been a lot of buzz about why our numbers keep dropping and why millennials don’t seem interested in the church. I’m a millennial and feel like I could bring a unique perspective to the decision-making that happens in our church.

Jenna would also like you to know:
I live in Grant Park and I love my neighborhood and I love the arts. I recently joined the auction committee for a community art center in my neighborhood called WonderRoot and I’m excited to see what comes of it!

Katie ConnellKatie Connell
All Saints’ member since 2006

Most recently, I’ve been a member of the Rector Search Committee and the Finance Committee (~2008 – present). I’ve also been a Sunday School Teacher (along with my husband, Justin Connell), and we’ve participated in many Foyer Groups. I was a member of the first All Saints’ Talents Round Table. There have been a few other committees along the way in addition to completing two years of EfM.

Strengths and skills I can offer the vestry:
I bring a love and commitment to All Saints’ and the Episcopal Church together with professional experience, institutional knowledge from years of service on the Finance Committee, experience on various professional organizations and service to other non-profit organizations. I have a background in accounting and I am a practicing lawyer.

Katie would also like you to know:
I am immeasurably blessed. My husband, Justin Connell, and I met in law school and joined All Saints’ shortly after we married in 2006. We have two sons: Beecher (6) and Harper Mac (3) both of whom were baptized at All Saints’. I am from Savannah, where I still have family. I left Savannah for Auburn University, then went on to Mercer School of Law and landed in Atlanta in 2005. Not everyone gets to do exactly what they’ve always wanted to do, but I am a lucky one who does. In 2016 along with a partner I opened my law firm, Connell Cummings LLC. In my practice I help families in transition (think: divorce, custody, etc.). My job is stressful and fulfilling. I look forward to going to work each day. When not chasing after Beecher and Harper Mac or practicing law I like to work in my yard, read and travel. I just got back from eight days in Iceland with my mom and sister- it was amazing. Lastly, I am a “cradle Episcopalian” who is committed to All Saints’. It would be an honor to serve All Saints’ as a member of the vestry.

Charlie Henn JrCharlie Henn Jr.
All Saints’ member since 2002

For the past fifteen years, I have served on the single greatest ushering team in the history of the Anglican Communion, a.k.a, the “Naked Ankles” crew (9:00 a.m. in March, July, and November), which is fearlessly led by Rick Woodward, who successfully executed a bloodless coup against our former leader, the inestimable Hank Harris. Other parish activities include: wearing inappropriately garish Christmas suits while welcoming parishioners to the 5:00 p.m. Christmas Eve service, hosting St. Catherine’s-related cocktail parties with my wife, Anne, and attending Karol Kimmell-led youth and junior choir performances featuring our kids, Sarah and Campbell.

Strengths and skills I will bring to the vestry:
Over the past twenty years, I have served on nine non-profit boards of directors, with annual budgets ranging from the low six-figures to $22 million. I have served as Chairman for four of those boards and am currently the Development Committee Chair for the Boys & Girls Clubs. Through that experience, I have learned a great deal about the business of running a not-for-profit entity and have developed skills in the development/fundraising area, including having led both annual and long-term capital campaigns. I am also a lawyer, so, in addition to being boring at parties, I am obsessively organized and prone to over-attention to detail.

Charlie would also like you to know:
My wife, Anne, is very involved at All Saints’, including helping to coordinate the St. Catherine’s Guild, despite (don’t tell her I told you) having surpassed the 39-year-old age cap many years ago. We have two children, Sarah (15) and Campbell (12), who were both baptized at All Saints and–when soccer does not conflict–sing in the choir. Outside of All Saints, I currently serve on the Board of Trustees of Theatrical Outfit, the Boards of Directors of Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta and Flying Carpet Theater, and on the Alumni Board of The Westminster Schools. My community involvement is largely in the area of the arts, having been a founding board member of, and having previously served on the boards of Theater Emory, Out of Hand Theater, and Arts Now.

Mary Wyche LesesneMary Wyche Lesesne
All Saints’ member since 1965

Recently I’ve been a choir member and have worked with refugee girls for last 7/8 years as tutor and lately as mentor for one of them Active in St Luke’s chapter for 40+years. Way back: vestry 3 times, junior warden, EfM member and leader, SS teacher several times.

Strengths and skills I can offer the vestry:
My skills are mainly as an educator with a high interest in children and child development. I also love and value music as an integral part of worship and learning. I am a risk taker and value spontaneity after a lot of background knowledge. I believe I am a problem solver and have valuable ideas.

Mary Wyche would also like you to know:
I have spent my private and work life around children. I’ve taught young children and college “kids” for forty years. I retired in 2005. Two of my four adult kids and their families are All Saints’ parishioners. Since I have 12 grandchildren I have many opportunities to be with kids!! I miss the school environment a lot so I volunteer as a reader in the neighborhood school and also at the global village project. This is part of the refugee ministry and serves as a middle school for teenage girls. It was the brainchild of parishioner Barbara Thompson and has been growing for 8 years!

Nixon LoweNixon Lowe
All Saints’ member since 2004;
attending and active prior to joining.

Recent Parish Activities Include:
The past several years I have co-chaired and chaired the Kanuga Retreat weekend to North Carolina. I believe these retreats are vital to creating community within our parish family. I’ve also supported Parish Life with the Mardi Gras Bash. I’ve been involved with Children’s Formation since my son Harris (9) was young, including teaching Sunday School and welcoming parents into our parish through Red Apron.I’ve served Threads, Covenant Community and more recently Refugee Ministries, which I’ve found very rewarding for both myself and my family. I’ve also served on The Guild of the Good Shepherd, giving grieving families support and comfort in sad times. Over the past two years I’ve had the privilege of serving on the All Saints’ Talents Roundtable. I’ve learned a great deal about the church through this important committee.I have also supported Stewardship on the Memorials and Gifts committee and with calling parishioners for monetary gifts. I’ve had the pleasure of helping All Saints’ with some design work since my background is in interior design, more recently the face lift of the library.

Strengths and skills I can offer the vestry:
I get along well with people of all different backgrounds. I am very passionate about All Saints’, therefore I will bring my ideas to the table as to what I think will serve All Saints’ best. I have built life-long relationships with All Saints’ parishioners and it will be my honor to serve the church.

Nixon would also like you to know:
I have been married for 12 years to Harris Lowe and we have one child (also Harris). Together, we enjoy hiking or playing a good board game, and hanging out with friends and family. While raising Little Harris and working part-time, I practiced residential design, through Nixon Lowe Interiors. I’ve recently added to my repertoire by joining Dekalb Office as a Workplace Consultant, working with large corporations to find solutions and interior products for office environments, providing the end user a return on their investment.

Elvira MannellyElvira Mannelly
All Saints’ member since 1968.

Recent Parish Activities Include:
I am a regular communicant on Sunday mornings. This year I am a regular participant at the Wednesday night suppers with two grandchildren, one who sings in the Cherub Choir. I am active in the St. Luke Chapter, serving on the social committee. In the fall I was part of the “Pony Express” Stewardship Committee. I am a Sunday Caller and I plan to reconnect with Threads. I also serve on the Guild of the Good Shepherd.

Strengths and skills I can offer the vestry:
My joy is in all things at All Saints’. I hope my history of being at All Saints’ for 48 years will prove helpful to the vestry.

Elvira would also like you to know:
I raised a family of four at All Saints’, buried a husband at All Saints’, baptized 7 of 9 grandchildren at All Saints’ and married again in 2012 at All Saints’. My community involvement has been through outreach activities at All Saints’ and my children’s schools.

Mike NadalMike Nadal
All Saints’ member since 1989

I am currently a Vice President and Portfolio Manager for Montag & Caldwell, an investment counsel firm. I have been with M&C for twenty one years and in the investment management field for more than 35 years. I have been a member of All Saints’ Episcopal Church for 30 years where I serve as an Endowment Trustee and Usher. In years past, I have taught Sunday School, Co-Chaired Kanuga and served on the stewardship committee. I am also a member of the Investment Committee for the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta and formerly served on the Board and as Chair of The Investment Committee. I have recently joined the Board of Trustees at Canterbury Court.

Mike would also like you to know:
Elizabeth and I have two grown children, Caroline and Everett, who were raised at All Saints’.

Ellen PorterEllen Porter
All Saints’ member since 1994

I have been very active in our various worship ministries, currently serving as a Eucharistic Minister, Usher, and Verger. I have served on the Advisory Council for Covenant Community for many years. I am wrapping up my last year of EfM. I recently joined the Strategic Planning Committee for our Worship Ministry as well as the Invite Committee. Over the years, I have enjoyed fellowship through programs and activities offered at All Saints’, including DOCC, EfM, GIFT, Novel Theology, Popcorn Theology, Foyer Groups, GALAS, Women’s Retreats, and Kanuga.

Strengths and skills I will bring to the vestry:
The practical knowledge I acquired in real estate finance should prove useful in a variety of areas, but my greatest strength is my passion and desire to serve and to give back to a community that has given me so much. I have learned since coming to All Saints’ that one’s faith does not fully blossom until it is offered up and shared in a community. It is important for us as a community to share with each other our experiences (common and varied), our strengths and our weaknesses, our hope and our courage so that together, we may lift each other up in bad times, celebrate in good times, and, with God’s grace, “share in the gift of joy and wonder in all [God’s] works”. These are exciting times with Simon’s arrival. I am energized and ready to roll up my sleeves to work beside all of you!

Ellen would also like you to know:
I have been happily married to my wife, Ann Stuart Pearce, for almost 13 years. While we have no children of our own, our lives have been blessed with three nieces, one nephew, and sixgodchildren. Retired since 2014, I enjoy golf, tennis, yoga, reading, and bridge. My primary community interests include support for those suffering from homelessness, addiction, and social injustices.

Scott PorterScott Porter
All Saints’ member since 2003.

Recent Parish Activities Include:
I have been involved in several All Saints’ groups, committees and activities, serving as Refugee Sponsorship Committee Co-Chair, serving on an Usher Team, and teaching Sunday School to 4-year olds and 11th graders. I led the United Thank Offering Committee for a couple of years and served on the Refugee Ministry Advisory Board for several years. I have also enjoyed participating in various Parish Life activities over the years, such as Foyer Groups, Wednesday Night Suppers, the Parish Picnic, Kanuga Weekend, GALAS events and the Parents with Young Children group.

Strengths and skills I can offer the vestry:
An eternal optimist, I try to find the positive in every situation; to see the best in people and always try to assume positive intent. I am fundamentally hopeful and optimistic about the future. I thrive on change and approach problem-solving creatively with a unique point of view. I come to any situation with lots of questions and try to challenge prevailing notions about what may be possible. I am a consensus-builder with a track record of bringing together diverse people to focus on common objectives. Throughout my career, I have considered myself a trusted advisor and counselor to my clients.

Scott would also like you to know:
My husband, Scott Hayes, and I have been active members of this parish since 2002. Both of our children, Caroline (almost 10) and Daniel (almost 4), were baptized at All Saints’. We are thrilled that they are growing up in such a loving and supportive church community. We are especially grateful for Karol Kimmell and the Children’s Choirs, which have been such an important and impactful part of our and our children’s experience at All Saints’. I was an employment lawyer for over 17 years before leaving to lead the corporate and technology human resources team at Turner Broadcasting two years ago. I had worked as an in-house lawyer for the company for eight years and outside counsel for another seven before taking my current role. Scott Hayes and I were among the founding members of what is now the AIDS Vaccine 200. We were active members of the organization for many years and continue to support the cause.

Lori ReinkingLori Reinking
Attending in 2001, All Saints’ member since 2005

Wednesday evening children’s choir practice, worship, supper, and fellowship have been an important part of my life at All Saints’ for the past ten years. I am participating in the All Saints’ Talents Roundtable this year, which has provided me with a deeper exposure to our history and ministries. Over the past few years I have had the opportunity to volunteer as a Vacation Bible School leader, to head up planning of the St. Nicholas Supper, and to facilitate an adult discussion forum. My family always looks forward to the annual church retreat at Kanuga, and I enjoy connecting with my fellow Saints in the St. Catherine’s women’s guild.

Strengths and skills I will bring to the vestry:
All Saints’ is such an important place for my family, and I’m very interested in getting more engaged with my time and energy to continue to help the church grow and thrive. As a former management consultant, (and mom of 3!), I will bring to the vestry my skills of analysis, planning, execution, and facilitation.

Lori would also like you to know:
My husband, Chris, and I have three wonderful boys – Jackson (13), Beau (10), and Cade (7).

Arjun SrinivasanArjun Srinivasan
All Saints’ member 2010

My wife Paige and I attend Jesus on the Front Page. We have learned so much from other parishioners – those who teach and those who attend the class. It is a great forum to witness the diversity and depth, the expertise and experience of the All Saints’ community. I have ushered for the past few years, and I have learned you are a rookie usher until you have at least 10 years of service! I participated in the All Saints’ talent roundtable and have helped with the annual canvass. I also served under Clay Jackson’s leadership on the rector search committee that brought us Simon. That was an amazing and humbling experience. I learned so much about our church and parishioners and saw firsthand how well we can work together as a parish toward a common goal. I am currently serving on the associate rector search committee.

Strengths and skills I will bring to the vestry:
I appreciate being part of a strong parish in a growing part of the city under Simon’s dynamic and innovative leadership. The years ahead are exciting ones for us and the vestry can help ensure we are positioned to lead. To do that, we need to listen and execute. I am good at soliciting and listening to diverse opinions in part because I recognize that answers and solutions from a smart group are inherently better than ones that come from an individual. I am not a fan of endless debate. There comes a time when you need to stop talking, roll up your sleeves and get to work. I am definitely action oriented and ready to pitch in when things need to get done.

Arjun would also like you to know:
I am best known at All Saints’ as Paige’s husband, and there is no role I’d rather play. We have two sons, Jack (14) and Joe (11). Both have gotten to experience the amazing Karol Kimmell in choir, and their time under her direction has helped us realize what a treasure she is. We value family time and recognize how precious that is in these busy times. The boys are still willing to hang out with us, and we will take that as long as we can get it. We love to travel and experience new people and places together. We strive to have dinner together every night and are pretty successful with that. I work at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on efforts to make healthcare safer, primarily by preventing infections and improving antibiotic use. My job requires extensive work with a variety of partners with many diverse perspectives and, often, strong opinions. I hope that that experience will serve me well on the vestry! I love what I do and am happy to bore anyone with more details anytime.

Johnathan StanfordJohnathan Stanford
Confirmed at All Saints’ in 2004

I am currently a third-year member of “Aldridge’s Army” Usher Corps. I have recently joined our Young Adult Steering Group where I’m focused on developing programs not traditionally associated with ministry but share a fundamental alignment with the aims of our Community. Through my wife, Anne, I am also an active supporter of our Refugee Ministry.

Strengths and skills I can offer the vestry:
Through nearly 25 years of consulting experience, across both the public and private sector, I feel I have organizational, program management, and execution talents to share with the vestry and our broader All Saints’ community. I am continually enthusiastic about the all the possibilities for positive impact through All Saints’.

Johnathan would also like you to know:
I grew up in Enterprise, Alabama, and I am a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology. My wife Anne and I were married in Seattle in 2001. Anne was received, and I was confirmed in All Saints’ in 2004. We have one child, Caroline, who was born 2004 and baptized in 2004 at All Saints’. I am a Client Services Director for Nexidia, Inc. and volunteer as the Director of Digital Media for Georgia Tech Men’s Lacrosse Affinity Group.

Sheldon TaylorSheldon Taylor
All Saints’ member 1988–1994 (transfered out due to a family move to England); joined again in 2004 (upon return to Atlanta).

Over the last six years, I have worked closely with Covenant Community and the Sterne House. I began my involvement at Covenant with Insight Dinners and over time progressed to the Board (currently Chairman). I have supported Ellen by dialing for pledges and participating in the “pony express”.

Strengths and skills I can offer the vestry:
I work in finance and commercial real estate and bring these skills to the vestry. I also hope my perspective regarding Covenant and my previous experience on the vestry at St. Mary’s Church in England will be valuable.

Sheldon would also like you to know:
I am a transplanted Virginian, born in Richmond and baptized at St. James’, a fan district Episcopal Church. I met my wife, Ann, on a blind date in Charlotte, North Carolina and have been happily married for over 30 years. We have two grown kids living in the Raleigh/Durham area (both baptized at All Saints’) and two labs who keep us company. I enjoy the occasional water ski, a challenging hike (especially the national parks) and our back porch. I currently work at Regent Partners, a regional commercial real estate developer focusing on office, hotels and residential.

Woody VaughanWoodrow (Woody) Vaughan, III
All Saints’ member since 1997.

Recent Parish Activities Include:
I have participated in a number of parish activities. In past years, I have taught both children and youth Sunday school classes. I also served as the Chair of the Kanuga Parish Retreat with my wife, Sara Ann and as the co-chair of the 100% Committee for the parish’s most recent Capital Campaign. I currently serve as the Chair of the Cornerstone Society, which is All Saints’ Planned Giving Society, and on a 9:00 a.m. Usher Team.

Strengths and skills I can offer the vestry:
I bring a solutions-oriented approach to the issues facing our parish. My legal background provides me with an analytical process for looking at all potential aspects of issues so that an informed and educated decision can be made for the better of the parish. I am currently the practice group leader for the public finance and public private partnership practice group at Holland & Knight, a 1200 lawyer international law firm. As we move into a new phase of acquiring the remaining real estate on our parish block, my experience and background in project finance are valuable assets as we analyze the various potential uses for our real estate.

Woody would also like you to know:
I have three daughters that attend the Lovett School and am married to Sara Ann Vaughan. I enjoy spending time with good friends and their families, watching my children participate in fine arts and athletics, playing golf and watching college basketball and football. I am honored to serve on the vestry and have a deep affinity for our church and its importance to our community.

Susan VirginSusan Virgin
All Saints’ member since 1991

Most recently I served as so-chair of the Altar Guild. During that time, we started a funeral guild, so I serve on that and am a member of the Guild of the Good Shepherd. I have also helped the Stewardship Campaign in the past by making calls.

Strengths and skills I will bring to the vestry:
I am not a “cradle” Episcopalian, but was confirmed in the 1970’s and have a love for the Episcopal Church and its traditions. I have been a member of All Saints’ since 1991, and I think my history here will be valuable to the Vestry. My time as co-chair of the Altar Guild will be helpful in discussions regarding worship at All Saints’.

Susan would also like you to know:
I am a transplanted North Carolinian and a Tar Heel through and through. Frank, my husband of 46 years, is a native Atlantan, and is a lawyer with Taylor, English and Duma. We have two grown children and 4 grandchildren. I work part-time at Erika Reade Ltd., and I enjoy my garden club, bridge and golf.

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