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“I’m back home at All Saints’ as Interim Rector after 20 years away. I learned from All Saints’ what every person blessed to be here learns: that the pain and sometimes deeply hidden sacredness of the world are right there before our very eyes calling us to love, to life. “
The Rev. Martha Sterne

“Join us in increasing your commitment as you are able, practicing radical generosity and enjoying the fruits of the Spirit. Make your 2017 annual pledge today. Thank you!
Jim and Kristin Howard, 2017 Annual Canvass Chairs

All Saints’ Has Bought the Block!

Canvass 2015The able team of Clay Jackson, Charlie Ogburn, and Lee Robinson raised $1.7million with almost 200 pledges and gifts.
All Saints’ now owns the Block free and clear of debt. In Dec. 2015, the All Saints’ vestry approved the purchase of the three remaining lots on our city block that we did not own. Purchasing the remaining block has been a vision of our parish for three decades or more and represents a great opportunity and challenge.

The vision for the properties is open and will emerge over time. Discussions among the vestry and other leaders addressed the immediate need to lease the new properties in order to generate income to service the loan and maintenance expenses. The ultimate use of the property will be consistent with our mission and identity as an in town church, and any future planning certainly will include Covenant Community.

Thank you to this generous parish!

2017 Annual Canvass

Stewardship at All Saints’ is an invitation to grow in faith through the practice of generosity. When we give of our money in sustained and sustaining ways for work that matters, we can expect to find our hearts shaped for life. Every one of us can learn the truth taught by St. Francis that it is in giving that we receive.
All Saints’ stewardship is a year round effort offering an Annual Canvass in the Fall as well as encouragement for all parishioners to make informed planned gifts to the church by joining the Cornerstone Society.

How much should I pledge?

There is no single answer to this question. We believe that it is in giving that we receive and that generosity is not only an antidote to anxiety, but also a spiritual practice that helps us receive in particular, the promises of the gospel. We do not presume to tell you how much to pledge but are happy to offer some ways of thinking about this spiritual practice that others have found helpful.

Giving as a percentage of income. Many Christians aspire to give away 10% or more of their income to what they believe to be God’s purposes in the world. If this is your first pledge we encourage you to start with whatever amount you think you can manage, but to think about it as a percentage of your income. Can you offer 1%? More? Less? Choose a percentage and try and increase the percentage that you offer each year. Remember a pledge not only helps us be conscious about our practice, but also helps those who lead our church be good and faithful stewards of the gifts we release. A pledge however is just that: a pledge of intention. Sometimes our circumstances change and we can alter our pledge at any time with a call or email to our office.

Been pledging for several years? Remember that the largest expenses that churches have are employees. Clergy and staff make so many things possible in regards to worship, programs and ministry. Costs of employing people increase every year. Salary increases have been rare at All Saints’ in recent years and budgets are stretched tight. With our new Capital Campaign programs such as youth and young adults, we will need increased support to make programs successful. If you can, consider increasing your pledge to help with these costs.

Stock/Security Gifts
Stock gifts may be made by direct electronic transfer (DTC). Contact your broker with these transfer details:

Charles Schwab
DTC #: 0164, code 40
For Credit to Account: All Saints’ Episcopal Church
Account #: 1084-6679

Please contact Betsey Gibbs immediately after you have made your DTC transfer so we can assure proper receipt of your intended gift.

You can also send your unendorsed stock certificates to All Saints’ by registered mail. In a separate envelope, mail a signed stock power form to All Saints’ for each certificate. Sign your name on the stock power EXACTLY as it appears on the stock certificate. Please include include instructions indicating the purpose of the gift. The postmark on the registered mail envelope will be recorded as the date of the gift. These measures are taken for safety and security reasons. Thank you!

Please to open a new message to in your mail program.