Global Ministries

During the last ten years, All Saints’ has developed an interest in relationships within the Anglican Communion and other global outreach programs.

geoffrey in tanzania 2004

Global Missions

The Global Missions committee has hosted visitors from Brazil, Ecuador, Ghana, the Sudan and Tanzania in recent years. The dioceses of Atlanta and Rio de Janeiro are companion dioceses and a growing relationship exists between the dioceses. Bishop Celso of Rio and his wife, Luciene, have visited as well as a USPG missionary, Stephen Taylor, formerly serving in the Rio diocese. In July 2006, 14 youth in the J2A program made a pilgrimage to Rio in which Rio youth also participated. A friendship building visit to the Rio diocese took place in August 2008.

A group from All Saints’ visited the Tanzanian diocese of Western Tanganyika in 2004 and 2011, and our previous rector spent a month of his sabbatical in 2005 as a guest of the diocese. Our relationship currently focuses on an HIV/AIDS program and a young priest, who spent six weeks visiting in Atlanta in 2004.

Click here to view All Saints’ Tanzania Mission Team.

tanzania HIV/AIDS group

Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

The MDG committee has the responsibility of recommending to the Vestry projects for funding that meet one of the MDGs. In 2007, a series of adult formation classes was offered to acquaint All Saints’ members with the goals. The August trip to Rio included site visits to possible MDG projects in that diocese.

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