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In May 2016 the vestry appointed us as the Parish Profile Committee to prepare the document before you. We have worshipped at All Saints’ anywhere from five to eighty-four years. We divide almost exactly equally between cradle Episcopalians and those who came to our “strange, difficult, beautiful” church under their own steam. Some of us are retired but have tried not to gloat about it; the unfortunate rest work as lawyers (surprise!), city employees, full-time homemakers, college professors, small-business owners, and corporate executives. We are gay and straight, black and white, single and partnered, young and otherwise. When asked to identify our favorite All Saints’ ministry, only two of us chose the same one: Covenant Community. The rest identified Eucharistic ministers, GALAS, our annual parish-wide retreat, adult choir, ushers, altar guild, Threads, lectors; with great generality, “all things worship;” and with great specificity, “Flower Guild preparing for Feast Days.”

Our journey to this Profile began barely twenty-four hours after Geoffrey departed, on Monday, May 23, when our committee, the search committee, and the vestry met with representatives from the Diocese of Atlanta for a briefing on the profile and search processes. Thereafter our committee met fifteen times, about half in person and about half by telephone, between June 7 and September 7, 2016. We also:

  • Retained Holy Cow! Consultants to provide us with a draft survey;
  • Revised the draft survey to reflect All Saints’ particular needs and concerns;
  • E-mailed the survey to parishioners on June 29;
  • Provided printed copies of the survey to our more traditional parishioners;
  • Managed an extensive publicity campaign aimed at maximizing the number of responses to our survey;
  • Conducted an in-person review of the survey with ten parishioners who live at a nearby retirement community;
  • Analyzed 1,036 returned surveys;
  • Conducted seventeen in-person focus groups that involved 270 Saints ranging in age from twelve years to None-of-Your-Business;
  • Reviewed, discussed and summarized the focus-group comments for incorporation into the profile;
  • With the prayerful assistance of our bishop, diocesan and cathedral staff, the All Saints’ staff, the vestry, and forty-one other parishioners, wrote this profile;
  • Presented the draft profile to our vestry at its annual retreat on September 9;
  • Submitted the profile to Bishop Wright on September 14;
  • Reviewed the approved profile with interested parishioners at an adult education meeting on September 18;
  • Met with the search committee to provide greater context for the conclusions represented in this profile; and
  • In true All Saints’ fashion, celebrated the completed profile at a fantastic wrap-up party!

We have tried to be especially diligent to ensure that this profile accurately reflects the views of our parish, and not just our own. Where we asked open-ended questions in the parish survey, for example, individual members of the Committee summarized those anonymous answers by subject, with a second committee member reviewing that summary independently to assure its objectivity. We solicited thoughts on drafts of this profile from every member of the vestry, most of the staff, and scores of parishioners. Finally, the vestry as a whole and our bishop have reviewed and approved this profile.

We give profound thanks for the support provided to us over these past few months by our clergy, our vestry, our staff, and our fellow parishioners, especially Grayson Daughters, who graciously provided us with video material, and also to Rodrigo Maragni, who created the 360° Google Views of our campus. Extra-special recognition is due to Lisa Bell-Davis, Tremaine Davis, and Claire Miller, whose creativity, professionalism and attention to detail has made this profile immeasurably better.

Finally, to all the Saints: you have made our parish such a wonderful place to celebrate the Gospel that at times we have struggled to encompass here all that you are and have done. Any anxiety we have felt in this time of transition has been overwhelmed by the gifts that preparing this profile has made so clear to us. You are All Saints’, and together we will thrive!

The Parish Profile Committee
Sherry Collins Terlemezian, Chair
Kirk Cameron Alvin Moore Wendy Silliman
Malinda Snow Devon Jackoniski Janet Todd
Briley Brisendine Jamie Clements Margaret Langford
Russ Wofford Elizabeth Nadal Desmond Dorsey
Kevin Lyman Sloan Kennedy Smith
  • Random Parish Profile Facts

    • Number of Parish Profile Surveys Returned in First Three Days after Release: 308
    • Total Number of Returned Profile Surveys: 1,036
    • Total survey responses as percentage of Average Sunday Attendance: 149%
    • Consultant’s Previous Record for Total Responses as Percentage Of Average Sunday Attendance: 104%
    • Average Number of Times Per Meeting that, Before Offering a Solution, Alvin Said, “Here’s the
      problem ...”: 3.4
    • Number of “Prime Time” Sermons that Subtly Put Pressure on the Profile Committee: 5
    • Number of Disciples Jesus Needed to Spread the Gospel Throughout the World: 12
    • Number of Committee Members the Saints Needed to Produce this Profile: 15
    • Number of Committee Members Looking Forward, Either in Older Age or from the Hereafter, to Chuckling Sympathetically When the Next Profile Committee is Announced: 15

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