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    “I want a church that emphasizes worship and building relationships. A church that advocates for a world away from violence and self-centeredness, and instead it is centered in love in Christ.”

    “I want All Saints’ to continue to embrace all types, conservative and liberal alike. I believe there is something for everyone at our church, and that each of us should be able to take from it what we need at the time—whether it is comfort, community, education or merely spiritual quietude.”

    “What I want to keep at All Saints’ is our ‘all sorts’ identity, welcoming and loving, together with our rich heritage of liturgical worship and soul-enriching music.”

    “I look to the church to help me do good, more than to feel good. But, I also love that time every Sunday when I catch my breath and am once again reminded of who I am, where I am, and to whom I belong.”

    “All Saints’ is a loving, kind community of people. My five years here have been very restorative to my spiritual health after some very tough times. The intellectual stimulation from thoughtful, deeply meaningful conversations and sermons are a hallmark I hope continue through the next rector.”

    “I think the church needs to challenge our complacency. What do we really believe and what does that mean on weekdays? How are we working for God and his kingdom here and now? What is sin? How are we related to Jesus and each other and how do we put that into praxis?”

    “I love All Saints’ very stones. Most of what I know about human beings and the grace of God can be traced back to this parish.”

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