Vacation Bible School: Rome



ROME: Paul and the Underground Church

Monday through Friday, June 5—9, 9:30 a.m.—12:30 p.m.

Day 4This year, we dive into Paul and the Underground Church in Rome. Your children won’t just hear about God’s love at VBS—they’ll live it! They’ll mingle through a crowded Roman marketplace, learn with the Apostle Paul, tiptoe past Roman guards to a hidden cave where they’ll pray with first-century Christians who eagerly await news from their imprisoned friend, the Apostle Paul. There will be Roman crafts, foods from the culture, games and dramas to act out the Bible stories. And as always, there will be a component of service to others; as we learn about the aqueducts and clean water, we will be collecting change to send the gift of life-giving water to kids in some of Peru’s most remote areas.
Day 4

The kids will be divided into Family groups with two teen/adult leaders that accompany them to each area throughout the day. Adult volunteers will lead each “class” visit – drama, art, games, and science. The groups will be a mix of ages where big kids and little kids learn to work together. They will sing and dance and play and make things that bring the letters of Paul to life.
Day 4If your child has never experienced Children’s Formation, this is the perfect time to bring them into the community. They will easily make new friends during this fun-filled week. Join us for the fun and fellowship, and bring a friend! We also need lots of volunteers – the week before (to create our stage and decorations) and the week of VBS! Can’t do it without you!

NEW this year: We are offering aftercare from 12:30-3:30 p.m., provided by some of our teen pilgrims (and me!) to raise money for their trip. The cost is $60 for the week and they should bring their lunch with them.

Sign up online before May 4 at For more information and to volunteer contact Kathy Roberts at

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