Sunday Formation

Our age-based groups meet for 2, 7-week terms in the Fall (September-November) and Winter (January-February). On weeks our age-based groups are not meeting, we have other offerings, large-group classes and affinity-group Sundays. (For more information, sign up for our weekly youth newsletter here). For particulars of the Sunday schedule, we encourage you to subscribe to our youth newsletter (link to sign up).

For age-based groups, we spend time together on these interest areas:

  • 6th Graders: Faith basics and Who was Jesus?
  • 7th-8th Graders: Hebrew Scriptures- Each week features a new Old or New Testament character and scripture.
  • 9th/10th Graders: Critical faith questions and pilgrimage. (10th graders who are getting confirmed will have 9 confirmation classes that meet during formation hour throughout the year).
  • 11th and 12th Grades: Real Faith/ Real Life- Adults from our community welcome our oldest High School students in the Attic (youth space) lounge for discussions and studies on relevant topics from theology, scripture, and current events.

Links to Individual Class Calendars

Interested in Learning More About Youth Formation? Helpful Links

Sparkhouse– A group out of the Evangelical Lutheran Church carefully produced this colorful, hip, fun, multimedia enhanced set of curricula.

Spark House ReForm Ancestors– We are studying Old Testament characters and stories in 7th grade and New Testament in 8th. Samples, videos and background information here.

SparkHouse ReForm– For 9th and 10th graders it is important to ask good questions. Each week the group works on a new question they may have about being a Christian- everything from “Can you believe in Evolution and still be Christian” to “Why did Jesus have to Die.”

The Animate Series– 11th and 12th grade classes are enjoying the Animate Series. Some weeks the group classes study these as well. Each lesson features a different topic of the Bible or Christian Faith and a different thinking/leader/speaker in an animated-live action video.

On Being Series– 11th and 12th Graders take an in-depth look at some important ideas surrounding faith: Science and Faith, Civil Discourse and Abrahamic Religions, to name a few. Each class features sound clips from the NPR show “On Being with Krista Tippett” and a discussion guide and activities.

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