youth in greece

“Pilgrimage is the kind of journeying that marks just this move from mindless to mindful, soulless to soulful travel. The difference may be subtle or dramatic; by definition it is life-changing.”
—Phil Cousineau, The Art of Pilgrimage

“Happy are the people whose strength is in you, whose hearts are set on the pilgrims’ way.”
Psalm 84:4

10th graders at All Saints’ are invited to make a holy pilgrimage as youth in greece a part of their developing spiritual practice as followers of Christ. Pilgrimage journeys provide our teenagers with an opportunity to deepen their relationship with God in Christ, strengthen their ties to the church community, and forge stronger bonds with their peers. Pilgrimage is an intentional, spiritual time of holy travel and an experience in learning a new way to find God out in the world. Each day our pilgrims spend time in prayer and reflection. Walking on ancient pilgrimage roads and being out in God’s creation, they are invited to what one pilgrim called “an eye-opening experience” that helps them learn how to ask three important questions: Where was God? What did we see? How does our experience and seeing help us to live life in a new way as Christ-followers?

All 10th graders are invited to apply for pilgrimage each year in September. See the youth email or contact The Rev. Zack Nyein for more information.

Click here to see Past Pilgrimages

  • J2A Pilgrimage to Alaska – June 2017


  • J2A Pilgrimage to Croatia – June 6-14, 2015


  • J2A Pilgrimage to Ireland – June 7-15, 2014


  • J2A Pilgrimage to Turkey – June 6-15, 2013


  • J2A Pilgrimage to Scotland – June 4-13, 2012


  • J2A Pilgrimage to Ireland – June 7-14, 2011


  • J2A Pilgrimage to Camino de Santiago Spain – June 7-16, 2010


  • J2A Pilgrimage to Ecuador – June 8-12, 2009


  • J2A Pilgrimage to Greece – June 16-25, 2008


  • J2A Pilgrimage to Scotland – 2007


  • J2A Pilgrimage to Rio de Janeiro – 2006


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