Lectures and Special Events

As Christians, our learning about God, church and Scripture does not end when the preacher steps out of the pulpit. With this in mind, we are offering a new monthly series, Preacher-Teacher, where theologians from many professional backgrounds will offer a Scripture-based sermon at the 9:00 and 11:15 a.m. services on Sunday morning then offer a lecture about a topic relevant to the life of the church and the world during our formation hour at 10:20 a.m. It is our hope that through this series, you will be moved to carry the Gospel from the church into the classroom and out into the world beyond.

Healing Hearts, Changing Minds: A Conversation with Heval Kelli

Heval Kelli and his family were welcomed by All Saints’ in 2001 when they arrived to the US as Syrian refugees. Dr. Kelli is now an Emory Cardiology Fellow who helps the refugee community as a doctor and educational advocate. Come hear Dr. Kelli describe his arrival to the US, his relationship with All Saints’, his path to becoming a doctor, and what we can do to help insure that newly arriving families have the brightest futures possible.

Past Lectures

The Rev Bill Harkins

Preacher-Teacher Lecture Series:
The Rev. Bill Harkins

Bill Harkins teaches pastoral theology and counseling in the various graduate programs at Columbia Theological Seminary, and is a Priest Associate at the Episcopal Cathedral of St. Philip. Bill says, “Our lives consist of transitions of all kinds. I enjoy meeting people in the spaces within those transitions.”
For more information email Janet Todd at Janet-todd@att.net.

The Rev Bill Harkins

Preacher-Teacher Lecture Series:
The Rev. Christopher Chase and The Rev. Rebecca Edward

The Rev. Christopher Chase and The Rev. Rebecca Edward are co-founders and co-directors of Braid Mission a start-up ministry in The Episcopal Diocese of California. Braid is a ministry providing support for foster youth with intergenerational teams through with congregations and also those outside of the church. The Rev. Chase left a parish in San Diego where he had served as rector for eight years, to start Braid with his colleague, The Rev. Rebecca Edward. Both will join us during the formation hour to address the topic, “Who knew there were still lost sheep and these are they.”

Prior to his time in San Diego Chris served in East Tennessee as a rector in and a member of the Bishop’s Staff as Canon for Higher Education, restarting three campus ministries in that diocese, and most importantly was Martha Sterne’s best diocesan friend. He has been married to Rebecca Chase for 23 years and they have two children, Sam who is 20 and in college in Boston, and Nick who is a senior in high school in the Bay Area of California.

The Rev Harry Pritchett

Is There Anything Left to Sing About?
Hunches, Reflections, and Stories from My So-Called “Golden Years”

March 2014

The Very Rev Harry Pritchett, former Rector of All Saints’, will be the guest speaker for our annual Spring Lecture. Points of discussion will include three of his favorite topics: that rigidity of thought comes out of fear; people matter more than religion; we are all part of one great community.

Deus and Dumbledore: The Christian God and Jesus in Harry Potter

March 2013

From the time the first Harry Potter book hit the shelves, Christians have debated how to interpret the series. This talk will discuss one a subset of that broader issue: Is there something like the Christian God in the Harry Potter series? In order to answer this question, a historical overview of how Christians interpret God’s identity (the Doctrine of God) will be offered alongside a discussion of whether there is a character or a value that reflects the way Christians understand God in the Harry Potter series. In so doing, this talk will hopefully encourage participants not only to draw conclusions about God’s identity within the Harry Potter series but also to help them think critically about how they understand who God is in their own faith lives. This talk is suitable to youth and adults alike and will be interactive throughout.

Anne Emanuel, “Judge Elbert P. Tuttle”

March 2012

Anne S. Emanuel teaches in the areas of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure, and in the areas of Wills & Trusts and Fiduciary Administration at Georgia State University. She is a graduate of the Emory University College of Law, where she served as Editor in Chief of the Emory Law Review. After graduation, she clerked for Judge Elbert P. Tuttle of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. Elbert Tuttle was an All Saints’ parishioner, vestry member, and helped lead All Saints’ into the Civil Rights movement. Her recent book on Judge Tuttle, Elbert Parr Tuttle: Chief Jurist of the Civil Rights Revolution, was released in October.

Jeffrey Small

Jeffrey Small: Who Goes to Heaven?
Perspectives on Eternal Life from the World’s Religions

March 2011

Author and scholar Jeffrey Small presented a lively presentation on the ancient origins of the concept of resurrection as well as comparative views of heaven and eternal life in Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam. Ideas presented: What can we learn from traditions that are different from our own that may enlighten our views on the meaning of salvation? How can we view eternal life not as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow of our lives but instead find salvation during this life?

Peter Hawkins

Lecture by Peter Hawkins, PhD

March 2010

All Saints’ featured a lecture by renown Dante scholar Peter Hawkins of Yale University. Professor Hawkins’ work has long centered on Dante, most recently in Dante: A Brief History (2006); Dante’s Testaments: Essays on Scriptural Imagination (winner of a 2001 AAR Book Prize); and The Poets’ Dante: Twentieth-Century Reflections, of which he was editor. From 2000 to 2008 he directed the Luce Program in Scripture and Literary Arts at Boston University. He serves on the editorial board of the PMLA and on the selection committee for the Luce Fellows in Theology, and is regional representative for the Conference on Christianity and Literature.

Al-Farooq Masjid Mosque

Sacred Shrines: Lecture & Tour of Al-Farooq Masjid

April 2009

Al-Farooq Masjid (the 14th Street Mosque) was established as a religious institution devoted to the service of the international Muslim community of greater Atlanta. On Sunday, April 26 there was a lecture about the history of the community and a tour of their beautiful new facility.

Borg and Crossan

The First Christmas Conference

December 2008

All Saints’ hosted renown Jesus scholars Marcus J. Borg and John Dominic Crossan as they help us to explore the nativity story as it is told in Matthew and Luke. Borg and Crossan, who had both visited All Saints’ before as Woodall lecturers, returned to our parish to help us see the story of Christ’s birth with new eyes and help us to answer the question “What does this mean?” both in its original first century context and in the context of our modern world. Based on their new book of the same title, The First Christmas was a conference open to theologians and laity. The Friday night session opened with the Atlanta premier of “Phos Hilaron,” a multi-media performance art production based on The First Christmas and featuring the authors reading from their book. For more information: www.faithandreason.org.

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